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A person who was trained to help pregnant women during childbirth


2. "Bleeding"

A medical practice that consisted of puncturing a vein in a sick persons body to get rid of "bad blood"


3. Middle Passage

The boat ride across the Atlantic Ocean that carried slaves from Africa to the New World


4. Slave codes

Laws that established the legal status of African Slaves in each US colony


5. Huguenots

French Calvinists who were persecuted by French Catholics and came to the colonies


6. "Pennsylvania Dutch"

Germans that came to the colonies but were called Dutch because of Americans screwing up their names


7. Scots-Irish

People who left their homes in Scotland and Ireland due to being poor and religious reasons


8. Indigo

A West Indian plant that helped the southern economy flourish because it could be harvested when the rice was still growing


9. Saugus Ironworks

Done in the New England area because the land around New England was tough


10. Triangular trade

A 1700s trading system that touched Africa Europe and the New World each continent would receive imports from the other two and in return give exports


11. Consumerism

An economic idea that encourages the buying of goods and services


12. Stono Rebellion

A slave rebellion in 1739 South Carolina in which about 100 slaves rose up and acquired fire arms and planned to flee to Southern Florida


13. Salem Witch Trials

Started by two girls who accused their neighbor of being a witch which started a chain reaction of people being accused of being witches in the end 19 people died and 18 were women who were probably accused because the broke the social norms of the time period 1600s


14. The Great Awakening

A sudden outbreak in the colonies that consisted of the idea of converting to a religion and being super religious


15. George Whitefield

An Anglican preacher who started a great excitement in the Great Awakening by his different ways of preaching


16. Jonathan Edwards

Preacher during Great Awakening, his message was of hell and an angry God. 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Overall a super negative teaching scare tactics


17. The Enlightenment

A seventeenth century turn into the ideas of science and theology included people like John Locke


18. Almanac

A publishing (calendar) in which one could find information about astronomy astrology and other common topics of the time period it was published


19. Harvard

Established in 1636 by Massachusetts Bay colony is oldest institution of higher learning in the US and it was created in order to train Puritan ministers.


20. William and Mary college

Found as an Anglican institution and names for William and Mary who were the current monarchs of England



In Connecticut form to encourage Congregationalism


22. Princeton

One of the first colleges made for white men included a bible study class


23. King's College (Columbia)

A college that was found after the Great Awakening and were exclusively for white males and was Anglican


24. Academy & College of Pennsylvania

A college in Pennsylvania that was located in Pennsylvania and founded by Benjamin Franklin


25. Benjamin Franklin

During the Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin served as an ambassador to France. Franklin helped to fuel Enlightenment throughout in Colonial America because of his contributions to the fields of science and philosophy. Founder of Academy and college of Pennsylvania


26. Smallpox inoculation

Giving a person a mild case of smallpox that gave lasting protection against future attack.


27. John Peter Zenger

Journalist who questioned the policies of the governor of New York in the 1700's. He was jailed; he sued, He was found not guilty.