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How can self-medication explain initiation?

- Individuals may turn to gambling as they perceive this to reduce/treat their psychological symptoms
- Gambling can be believed to control depression when winning and distract from everyday life


How does Biddle help to explain initiation?

28% of veterans studied reached the criteria fro problem gambling
- escape problems in their life = turned to gambling as a way to self-medicate as there was no help from the state


How can self-medication explain maintenance?

- If gambling reduces depressive symptoms individuals will then gamble as much as possible to achieve the same effect
- Try to win as much as possible to feel good + reduce depression
- The losses may make them feel worse causing them to gamble more and more to increase their wins


How does Thomsen et al help to explain maintenance?

- Worse gambling behaviours were found in those with high levels of depression than low; in terms of urge, excitement, no. of games played and duration.
= play more to reduce depressive symptoms


How can self medication help to explain relapse?

- If the individual falls back into depression gambling may be the only option the they feel will work to help


How does Thomsen and Biddle help to explain relapse?

Due to disorders causing people to turn to gambling any time these may develop again gamblers may seek to gamble again