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What is Intestinal Failure?

Intestinal results from an inability to maintain adequate nutrition or fluid status via the intestines. It is characterised by the inability to maintain protein-energy fluid, electrolytes or micronutrient balance


What is Dysmotility?

This is when the patient cannot tolerate food or drink.
If the pain has discomfort and pain on eating but can tolerate food and drink it is irritable bowel syndrome.


What is acute short term Intestinal failure?

Intestinal failure for less than 2 weeks.
e.g. Mucositis (this is painful inflammation of the digestive lining post chemotherapy


What is an example of chronic long term intestinal failure?

Short gut syndrome


What types of Intestinal failure fit into acute and chronic?

Acute Intestinal Failure : Type 1 and Type 2

Chronic Intestinal Failure:
Type 3


What is the definition of type 1 intestinal failure?

Self-limiting short term postoperative or
paralytic ileus.


What is the definition of type 2 intestinal failure ?

Prolonged, associated with sepsis and
metabolic complications. Often related to abdominal surgery with complications.


What is the definition of type 3 intestinal failure?

Long term but stable – Home Parenteral
Nutrition often indicated.


What is dyspepsia?

Dyspepsia is bad indigestion or heart burn.


What is the treatment type 1 intestinal failure?

Replace fluid and correct electrolytes
Parenteral nutrition
Acid suppression via Proton pump inhibitors
Octreotide - slows down going to toilet
Alpha hydroxycholecalciferol to preserve Mg


What is the function of alpha hydroxycholecalciferol?

Preserves Mg