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Why is the research question key?

Without even you will not know where the paper is going.


Where do you get the research question from?

From logic and common sense.


What should people try to answer with research?

Try to answer real life problems or questions.


What are the two parts of making a research question?

- Does the problem really exist
- Then how can we help?


Why is using ideas from previous research a good idea?

It is a more accepted way than just logic/common sense. We advance knowledge by building on each other’s work and findings.


What are three positives to using previous research to make a research question?

Hypothesis will be more than a guess.
Your research will be relevant to other researchers (no matter the result); it won’t be an isolated trivial fact.
You’re not starting from scratch – should lead to a more efficient development of public knowledge.


What are some strategies for using ideas from previous research to formulate a research question?

Repeat studies.
Do a study suggested by journal article’s author.
Improve a study’s external validity.
Improve a study’s internal validity.
Improve a study’s construct validly.
Look for practical implications of the research.
Try to reconcile studies that produce conflicting results.


What are variables defined by their naure?

Behavioral variables.
Stimulus variables.
Organismic variables.


What variables are defined by their use in research?

Independent variable.
Dependent variable.
A constant.


What are behavioural variables?

Any behavioral response of the organism.


What are stimulus variables?

Any factor that affects, or could affect, behavior.


What are organismic variables?

Any characteristic of a participant.


What is an independent variable?

Variable that is manipulated by the researcher.


What a dependent variable?

Variable that is expected to change as a result of the independent variable manipulation.


What is the constrant variable?

Variables that are prevented from varying.