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What is ANOVA?

Statistical procedure for evaluating mean differences between two or more groups, which statistically removes unwanted variance in the dependent variable and hence increases statistical power.


What is assent?

Agreeing to participate in a study when you are under the legal age to give consent or are considered legally unable to give consent due to severe developmental disability or emotional disorder.


What are between-subjects factors?

Independent variables in which participants are assigned to conditions in such a way that each participant appears in only one condition.


What are column means?

In factorial designs, one factor is usually illustrated as separate columns of data, in which each column represents a different level of the factor.


What is a delayed-treatment control group?

A group of people in a treatment study who initially serve as a no-treatment control group with the understanding that they will receive the treatment later.


What is design notation?

A way indicating the number of independent variables and the number of levels of each independent variable in a factorial design.


What are factorial designs?

Factorial designs Designs employing more than one independent variable and thus allowing researchers to identify interactive effects independent variables.


What are factors?

Each independent variable in a factorial design.


What are interaction effects?

Combined effect of two or more independent variables, such that the effect of one independent variable differs depending on the level of the other independent variable.


What are main effects?

The individual effects of the independent variables in a factorial study.


What are manipulated factors?

Independent variables in a factorial design, in which participants are randomly assigned to the different levels of the independent variable.


What are mixed designs?

Factorial design in which at least one of the factors is a between-subjects factor and at least one of the factors is a within-subjects factor.


What are nonmanipulated factors?

Independent variables in which participants are assigned to groups based on preexisting factors.