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What is an artifact?

Any apparent effect of a major conceptual variable that is actually the result of an uncontrolled confounding variable.


What is canonical correlation?

A correlation between two sets of variables.


What is a coefficient of determination?

The square of the pearson product moment correlation. It represents the proportion of variability in one variable that can be predicted based on information about the other variable.


What is cohort effect?

Concept that people of a given age and culture behave similarly to one another and differently from people of other ages and cultures due to shared life experiences.


What is confounded?

Variables are confounded if they vary together, so that is impossible to determine which variable was responsible for the observed effects.


What is confounding variable?

Any uncontrolled variable that might affect the outcome of a study. A variable can confound a study only if there is a group mean difference on the variable and the variable is correlated with dependent measure.


What is a control group?

A group of participants that serves as a basis of comparasion for other groups. The ideal control group is similar to the experimental group on all variables except the independent variable that defines the group.


What is cross-cultural research?

Exploring psychological phenomena across more than one culture.


What is cross-sectional design?

A design that compares performance of people of different ages or at different time in history. Often contrasted with longitudinal designs.


What is a demographic variable?

Data that describe the participants in a study.


What are experimental groups?

Groups defined by a specified level of the independent variable. Contrasted with a congtrol group.


What are experimentor expectancies?

Expectations of the researcher that may affect the accuracy of observations especially when judgements are required.


What filler items?

Questions that are included in the dependent measure, but no scored, in order to distract particular parts from the purpose of the study.


What is longitudinal design?

A research design in which a group of participants is followed over time.


What is moderator variable?

Any variable that has an effect on the observed relationship between two or more other variables.


What are multiple correlation?

Correlation between a criterion and a set of variables.


What is a multivate correlational design?

Correlational designs that include more than two variables.


What is partial correlation?

A correlation between two variables, in which the effects of a third vairable are statistically removed.


What is path analysis?

Procedure that seeks to test causal models by factoring the correlation matrix to see how closely the correlational pattern fits the model.


What is time-series design?

Interrupted time series design: research design in which multiple measures are taken before and after an experimental manipulation or event.