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A detailed prefire plan, combined with ______ ____ _____ _____, _____ _____, and sound judgment will enable command personnel to better protect firefighters from the danger of bldg collapse.

knowledge of bldg contruction, fire behavior


Above all, structural collapse stresses the need ____ ________ ______

for prefire planning


What must be among the structures surveyed for pre-fire planning

industrial, commercial, institutional occupancies and placed of public assembly


Bldg characteristics that should be noted in prefire plans include:

Type of Construction
Size of bldg
Year of construction
Renovations that have taken place and when
Type of occupancy


What are the types of construction

Type I (fire resistive construction)
Type II (Non-combustive or Limited Combustible construction
Type III (Ordinary) Construction
Type IV (Heavy Timber) Construction
Type V (Wood-framed) Construction


What is included with size of bldg as a characteristic noted in prefire plan

# of stories


The prefire plan should include means of ____/_____, features that will aid in ______ ______ to limit fire spread, locations of areas that can endanger firefighters, and locations of _____ _____.

access/egress; vertical ventilation; concealed spaces


Most likely to fail under fire conditions are bldgs of _____ _____, ____ ____ construction, and _______ construction.

unprotected noncombustible construction; wood framed; ordinary


Lightweight truss assemblies are extremely dangerous to firefighters since these assemblies can fail and collapse after as little as _____ minutes of fire involvement.

7 minutes


Ordinary construction can be defined as ______ loads which are carried by ______ and interior loads which are carried on ______, ______, or unprotected ______.

exterior; masonry; wood; masonry; steel


In lightweight construction, some pre-fabricated wood trussed are ______ at their ______ by _____ _____ ______.

attached; joints; metal gusset plates


Metal gusset plates replace nails and fail _____ _____ under fire conditions because they act as ____ _____ and they are not as _____ _____ in the wood.

more quickly; heat collectors; deeply imbedded


Unprotected steel construction, when heated to temperatures of ____ to ______ F, will lose _____, ____, and ______ ______

800 degrees to 1400 degrees; strength, expand, and usually fail


A _____ foot section of steel I-beam can lengthen as much as _____ _____ when heated only to _____ F.

100; 9 inches; 1000 degrees


For Masonry construction, if stars, plates, or other designs are placed in a _______ ________, they are probably _____ __ _______ which were designed into the original bldg to secure the ____ ____ to the _____ walls.

geometrical pattern; beam end tie-ins; floor joists; exterior


Situational awareness- On the fireground, firefighters should be observant not only for _____ __ ______, but for ____ ____ _____ as well.

threats of collapse; routes of escapes


List some of the 5 obvious signs of imminent collapse

-Rumbling sounds
-Cracking or bulging walls
-Water or smoke coming through the walls
-Twisted or warped columns/beams
-Floors sagging / pulling away from the walls


A ____ gpm stream can deliver a ____ of water per minute and a _____ gpm stream can add _____ ____ in a minute.

250; ton; 750; 3 tons


A bldg of ordinary construction that is well involved on arrival, the IC should consider _______ all firefighting personnel within _____ ___ _____ ____ from the time of the initial alarm, if interior crews are not _____ _____.

withdrawing; 10 to 12 minutes; making progress


Ordinary construction can fail in as little as ____ ____

17 minutes


Collapse Rescue operations should listen for calls for help, the sounding of ____ _____ ____ _____, or ____ ______.

PASS (Personal Alerting and Safety System) devices; radio transmissions


In a Collapse Rescue operation, why do we not shut down lines into the bldg.

Trapped FFs may be using them for their own protection.