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Edward 2
Short pants
26  cards
Edward 22
Can you help me
23  cards
Edward 21
How do you pronounce it,
Who is this person close to you w...,
How do you spell it
17  cards
I like to learn swahili but i am ...,
I live in kijabe but now i am sta...,
Wake up command
26  cards
My book is good my books are good,
My child is good my children are ...,
My computer is good my computers ...
29  cards
This is our one small store key t...,
This page has a picture,
His house keys were lost
34  cards
What s going on,
34  cards
CS Ch. 1
Greeting to en elder,
My child son daughter,
How are things since i last saw you
9  cards
CS Ch. 2
You will see the post office on t...,
Where are the taxis coming from,
Where is mohamed
19  cards
CS Ch. 3
I called yesterday to reserve a room,
I am asking for a room with a tol...,
There is one room on the third floor
20  cards
CS Ch. 4
These oranges what is the price,
I will make for you 25 shillings,
I don t need others these fruits ...
16  cards
CS Ch. 5a
She will help me sew a gown,
Sewing machine,
She has a sewing machine yes she ...
22  cards
CS Ch. 5b
I will return a little later,
Do you like these carvings,
They carvings please me very much...
13  cards
CS Ch. 6a
They have repaired the roof but n...,
She said she will go to the libra...,
E form of verb
28  cards
CS Ch. 6b
You must go to the station to cat...,
You have seen it station already no,
We have not had the chance yet
13  cards
Edward 14 sep
The shopkeeper is selling things ...,
The car owner does not know the r...,
I am waiting for the doctor who h...
42  cards
Edward Sep 16
I cooked the food myself,
The doctor himself helped the pat...,
Patients themselves do not have a...
16  cards
Who is this person,
Who are these people,
Who are those people
24  cards
What is today s date,
When will you take vacation,
This is which month
22  cards
What sickness do you have i have ...,
Do you have diarrhea no i do not ...,
Are you vomiting no i am not vomi...
39  cards
Edward Sep 17
This is indeed the doctor who tre...,
These patients indeed are ones wh...,
I am indeed the one helping my mo...
26  cards
Yesterday i was not at home,
I am not at home now,
Tomorrow i will be home
30  cards
The garden is on east side of sam...,
The garden is south of the bank,
The garden is west of the hotel
30  cards
It is hot weather,
It s possible in this part of the...,
This weather is confusing
29  cards
How do you say that in swahili,
How do you pronounce it,
Excuse me how do you say cheese i...
36  cards
Edward Sep 22
I have never eaten kimchee,
Have you ever visited mogadishu,
Last year correction
17  cards
Edward Sep 15
I can go to america any month bec...,
Any year is good,
We will use any fruit to prepare ...
40  cards
Edward Oct 1
What is the book doing in the kit...,
Food needs salt,
The bread needs butter
15  cards
Paternal uncle,
Paternal aunt
30  cards
Many trees,
Many rooms,
Many cars
27  cards
Normally there are 4 seasons in d...,
From january to middle of march t...,
From middle of march to may there...
17  cards
CS Ch. 7
Can i help you,
I am sorting leaves,
I gathered them from the farm
13  cards
CS Ch. 8
I like to visit my friend who liv...,
I hope he will be there when i wi...,
If you have the chance you should...
16  cards
CS Ch. 9
The tickets are sold starting in ...,
Where will you put it,
It is best to give it to my husba...
11  cards
CS Ch. 10
I feel very thirsty,
This switch turns on the bedroom ...,
Wash basin is there
24  cards
CS Ch. 11
Reason is it is a woman s dance only,
Our club is preparing everything ...,
His father is that person who own...
33  cards
Edward 4
To count,
22  cards
Edward 5
No worries,
Well adjective,
22  cards
Edward 6
By yourself,
By myself,
By himself by herself
19  cards
Edward 7
How will you go to nairobi,
How is today,
How did you sleep
21  cards
Edward 8
To warm,
22  cards
Edward 3
All people everybody,
To close or to jail,
To be jailed
18  cards
Edward 9
To remember,
I forgot,
I do not remember
13  cards
Edward 11
I did not just finish writing the...,
To be happy,
What was the problem
28  cards
Edward 12
On time,
I do not know exactly what i will...,
Bad infection or sepsis
26  cards
Edward 13
To sell,
27  cards
Edward 14
Prayer breakfast,
With joy,
So that
32  cards
Edward 15
Morning prayers,
29  cards
Edward 17
To infect,
To be infected
28  cards
Edward 10
On top of,
Half hour,
Below or under
21  cards
Edward 19
Sandy usually decides,
Sandy usually does not decide
24  cards
Edward 20
He got into an accident,
To get,
Pieces of pineapple
38  cards
Edward 16
There has been or there have been,
There are a lot of questions,
There has not been or there have ...
15  cards
Edward 18
He is 77 years old,
Please come,
Please go
23  cards
Edward 1
Country of america,
State of virginia,
Province of kati
18  cards

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