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The tickets are sold starting in the morning.

Tiketi zinauzwa kuanzia asubuhi.


Where will you put it?

Utaiweka wapi?


It is best to give it to my husband, he will look after it.

Inabidi kumpa mume wangu, aitunze.


Probably, you will board a bus that leaves at 10 AM.

Bila shaka, utapanda basi iondokayo saa nne.

This is a general relative pronoun structure which does not have a tense marker and the yo goes at the end. The bus leaves at 10 every day.

Itakayoondoka saa nne (with a tense marker, it does nit imply that it happens every day)


That (thing) which is on the floor is a spare part of a bicycle.

Kile kilicho chini ni spea ya baiskeli.

li in kilicho is not the past tense marker. It is an old remnant of the verb "be"


Passengers (usually) give things to those who are in the front to look after.

Abiria huwapa vitu wale waliopo mbele, wavitunze.


I missed that bus!

Nimekosa basi lile!

Kosa means to miss the bus, train, an event etc. It also means to make a mistake.


I do not see my bag.

Siuoni mfuko wangu.


I will give oranges to those who arrived yesterday.

Nitawapa machungwa wale waliofika jana.


Don't worry, the buses going to the beach leave every hour.

Usiwe na wasiwasi, mabasi ya kuenda pwani huondoka kila saa moja.


You will cheer us up (make us happy).