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The CHP is required to submit to the ____on a ______basis uniform crime report data for any reported incident investigated by the CHP when the incident involves one of the eight specified crime categories.

CA departmennt of justice/monthly


What are the eight crime categories in hierarchal order, that are required to be reported for Uniform Crime Reporting purposes

Homicide, Forcible rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Larceny-Theft, Motor Vehicle Theft, Arson


When shall the uniform Crime report data be submitted to the office of research and planning

To arrive no later than the 5th working day of the month following the reporting period


Which 2 related incidents must be reported, even when the crime itself is not a uniform crime reportable offense?

Domestic Violence Incidents and Incidents of Hate Crimes


When is the "this is a clearnace only" box checked on the UCR?

Whenever your command arrested an individual responsible for UCR crime previously reported by your command. (Not to be used if the arrest is made at the same time the crime was committed). In addition, the box is also checked whenever a vehicle previously reported stolen by your command is recovered.


THE UCR classification "motor vehicle theft" used in identifying the crime being reported, cleared or declared unfounded, includes carjacking? T/F

False, carjacking is considered a robbery


The Uniform Crime Reporting System (UCRS) is a computer program that is used to compile and report monthly information from the individual ____and other documents for reportable offenses where this department has assumed investigative responsibility

CHP 729


When the fair market value for property is recorded, the fair market value must be at least $___ except for stolen credit cards, license plates, checks or airline tickets which are reported with a value of $___

$1.00 and zero


How many methods of forwarding the UCR data to ORP have been delveloped?

Manual and electronic mail, but for now manual until further notice


When submitting the UCR manually on CHP 729's what additional documents must accompany any hate crime reported?

CHP 216 or CHP 202


FOR UCR purposes, when is arson actually reported?

Only when an investigation for arson determines that arson did occur


The CHP UCR info is combined with that of other CA law enforcement agencies by the DOJ and forward to the ___ for what purpose?

FBI which uses info for federal UCR program


How long does RSP (Research/planning) recommend for data retention at this time?

2 year retention.

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