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What are the four types of uniforms?

Cold Weather
(1-1, 1b)


Define "appropriate civilian attire".

Attire that is conservative, contemporary and consistent with a business environment.
(2-1, 2a)


What is the policy on "hair color or style"?

It shall not be unusual or bizarre.
(3-3, C1a2)


Natural and other hair styles may not extend how far from the scalp?

2 inches.
(3-4, 9)


What is the maximum length and width of the side burns?

May not extend below the bottom of the ear and a maximum width (at bottom) of 1.5 inches.
(3-2, h2)


How may cosmetics be worn?

They shall be subdued and blended to match the natural skin color.
(3-4, 2a)


How many rings may be worn?

A total of 2 conservative rings (a wedding and engagement set is considered 1 ring).
(3-3, j2)


When an employee is involved in a "soft body armor incident" (shooting, assault, t/c) the Commander shall do what within what time-frame?

As soon as practical, but no later than 10 working days, the Commander is to forward a report to BSS reporting the protection afforded by the vest.
(4-5, 4b)


What type of knot is used when typing a department tie?

A four-in-one knot.
(5-5, g)


What color socks are authorized?

Royal blue,
Navy blue,
or black (anytime the socks are visible).
(5-7, 1)


Sergeant stripes (chevrons) come in 2 sizes. What are the sizes and what are their uses?

Standard and Mid-sized.
Mid-sized chevrons go on the short sleeve shirt and short sleeve coveralls and the standard goes on everything else.
(5-15, b)


When shall the tribute of mourning ribbon be removed?

The next calendar day following the funeral.
(5-15, w2)


The tie clasp is to be worn where?

Between the top of the pocket flap and center of the pocket.
(6-6, y1)


What color pagers may be worn while in view?

When worn in view, pagers shall be black in color and shall only be worn on the duty belt.
Pagers that are not black in color shall be completely concealed from view.


The left pocket flag is reserved for what three accouterments?

Medal of Valor pin
Office of the Year pin
US flag pin
(HPM 73.5, pg 1-8)


No more than _____ departmentally authorized pins are allowed for wear on the right uniform pocket or green jacket at any time.

(HPM 73.5, pg 1-8)


Who may authorize the wearing of a cold weather uniform?

Field Division Commanders
(HPM 73.5, pg 6-1)


Eye wear - retaining strings known as "croquees" are authorized. However the color of the retaining strings must be _____.

Black or Brown
(HPM 73.5, pg 6-9)


Accouterments and badges shall be cleaned but not _____.

(HPM 73.5 pg 2-2)


Other than the turtleneck or dickey, all visible undergarments shall be _____ in color, and without _____.

White without stains or spots, frayed or ragged, without designs or logos.
(HPM 73.5, pg 2-2, 3)


What is the procedure for a proposal to changing, adding, or deleting a uniform item?

Procedure - Submitted through channels to the California Highway Patrol Academy, Administrative Services Unit on a memorandum (CHP51)
(HPM 73.5 pg 11-2)


What restrictions are placed on the wearing of bracelets while in uniform (male and female).

Medical or identification bracelets.
(HPM 73.5 pg 3-3)


What helmets are required to have the American Flag decal on them?

Motorcycle, mounted duty, bicycle patrol, aviation.
(HPM 73.5 pg 1-9)


DRE's performing _____ _____ _____ are authorized to wear utility uniforms.

Initial Certification Evaluations
(HPM 73.5 pg 1-5)


Female uniformed employees' fingernails shall not exceed _____ _____ _____ of the fingers.

Beyond the tips. (Policy is the same for uniformed male employees)
(HPM 73.5 pg 3-3 and 3-4)


Soft body armor shall be worn by?

All personnel assigned to, field enforcement duties, all personnel who operate a marked patrol vehicle in uniform and all personnel participating in "live fire" weapons training.
(HPM 73.5 pg 4-11)


Can a Commander grant exception to the mandatory wearing of soft body armor?

Yes, under two circumstances.
Extremely hot weather when an employee's health, welfare, or ability would be impacted.
Temporary health condition.
(HPM 73.5 pg 4-2)


When an Officer's vest is struck by an assailant's bullet what must occur before the Officer is allowed to return to duty?

The Officer shall receive a thorough physical evaluation.
(HPM 73.5 pg 4-5)


What are the three conditions uniformed employees shall wear the felt campaign hat?

At formal functions or as directed by commander; performing traffic control or crowd control; on the grounds or within the confines of the State Capitol.
(HPM 73.5 pg 1-7)


Uniformed employees ______ ___ _____ shall posses the felt campaign hat.

Regardless of rank.
(HPM 73.5, pg 1-7)

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