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The departments primary role in responding to a hazardous materials incident (HMI) is the protection of what? (2 items)

Life and property


Commanders are responsible for reviewing explosive routes and safe stopping locations within their areas every year in what month?



Commanders shall provide notification to the respective county health department and the county board of supervisors of hazardous substance spill within 48/72 hours following the incident

72 hours


Commanders are responsible receiving requests from local agencies for ____ of hazardous materials/wastes by administrative proceudres specified in 31304 VC and forwarding the request to CVS

Closure of routes for the transportation


The department has management responsiblity for hazardous materials spills that occur at state _____ and _____, unless there is an agency with more specific jurisdiction

Building and grounds


Departmental personnel are authorized by 32001 VC to inspect sealed or unsealed cargo areas of vehicles operated by motor carriers subject to the hazardous materials transportation license requirements. A seal may be broken and/or a door opened when there is _____ ____ to believe that a violation of hazardous materials regulations or an immediate hazard to the motoring public exists.

Probable cause


All personnel of the ranks of SGT up thru and including ____ shall complete the Hazardous Materials Incident Command course

Division Chiefs, and its required

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