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The purpose of the Employee Assistance program (EAP) is to provide confidential professional assistance to any employee with behavioral or personal problems which may impair his/her job performance, attendance, or conduct. T/F

True (1-1)


Prepaid professional counseling sessions are ony available for work related personal issues.

False, It includes assisting a wide range of personal issues (family, marriage, etc...) (1-1,2b1)


Unit 5 and 7 employees and their families are entitle to 7 sessions for each unrelated problem type per year. T/F

True (1-2,4)


To access the EAP system employees must obtain a supervisor approval? T/F

False. Employees of family members may contact directly.


No records will be maintained which identify employees who utilize the peer support program. T/F

True (1-4). 4 exceptions.
1- Records subpoenaed
2- Harm self or another
3- Child or elder abuse suspected
4- Confession to a crime


Sick leave may be utilized by employee attending EAP sessions if properly documented by a STD 634. T/F

True (1-3)

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