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When a juvenile has been placed in custody, when shall the juvenile be advised of Miranda?

Juveniles must be advised of Miranda even if they are not going to be questioned. (1-3,g)


(True/False) Large quantities of controlled substances (in excess of 10 pounds) and hazardous chemicals (in excess of 2 ounces), used or intended to be used in the manufacture of controlled substances may be destroyed without a court order per H&S code.

True. (HPM 70.1, 4-2)


(True/False) Weapons do not need to be unloaded and rendered inoperative.

False. (HPM 70.1, 4-4)


(True/False) Evidence may be stored in a personal locker as long as it is booked within 24 hours.

False. (HPM 70.1, 5-1)


PCP ______ (shall/should) be double bagged.

Shall. (HPM 70.1, 5-1)


Money ______ (shall/should) be counted by two employees. One of the employee's ______ (shall/should) be a supevisor.

Shall, Should. (HPM 70.1, 5-3)


Needles ______ (shall not/should not) be recapped, bent, broken, removed from disposable syringes, or otherwise manipulated by hand.

Shall not. (HPM 70.1, 5-2)


The CHP 36 serves what six purposes?

A record of property and evidence for Department, a receipt for property taken from an arrestee, a notice of the right to a property hearing to the person in possession of stolen or embezzled property, a declaration of ownership for the person claiming to be the owner of stolen or embezzled property at the time it was stolen or embezzled, an affidavit and notice of rights for citizen's who turn in found property, a report form for found property. (HPM 70.1, 6-1)


When booking into evidence what appears to be a gold necklace the correct description on the CHP 36 is ______?

Yellow metal neclace. (HPM 70.1, 6-4)


(True/False) CHP employees are prohibited by law from making a claim to property they found.

True. (HPM 70.1, 6-6, 9-7)


Officers ______ (shall/should) give an arrestee a receipt for property or money taken from that arrestee.

Shall. (HPM 70.1, 6-4)


Before submission, a supervisor or OIC ______ (shall/should) review the CHP 36 for accuracy and completeness, and place his name, date, and initials in the appropriate boxes.

Should. (HPM 70.1, 6-6)


Use of drug testing chemicals ______ (shall/should) only take place outside.

Shall. (HPM 70.1, 7-7)


Opening of containers containing any controlled substance in liquid form, or powder form in a damp state shall only take place ______.

Outside. (HPM 70.1, 7-7)


(True/False) Wet marijuana may be stored in a plastic bag or container.

False. (HPM 70.1, 5-3, 7-9)


Evidence officers should purge on a ______ basis.

Weekly. (HPM 70.1, 9-1)


Evidence which no longer has evidentiary value becomes ______, and is disposed of as ______.

Property, property. (HPM 70.1, 9-2)


Evidence obtained by a search warrant is the property of the ______ and can only be disposed of by ______ ______.

Court, Court order. (HPM 70.1, 9-5)


(True/False) Found firearms and shotguns are returned to the finder after the time limit for holding has expired.

False. (HPM 70.1, 9-7)


Employee's ______ (shall not/should not) promise or imply that evidence in a criminal case will be preserved or retained for any other purpose such as future civil action.

Shall not. (HPM 70.1, 9-8)


Controlled substances in the possession of the Department ______ (shall/should) be disposed of in a manner consistent with the H&S code.

Shall. (HPM 70.1, 10-1)


Each page of a controlled substance log ______ (shall/should) be signed by the evidence officer and evidence supervisor.

Shall. (HPM 70.1, 10-2)


The two methods of destruction for controlled substances are?

Department conducts its own burn and allied agency burns drugs as a courtesy. (HPM 70.1, 10-5)


Nuisance weapons ______ (shall/should) not be released.

Shall not. (HPM 70.1, 11-1)


(True/False) Prior to the release of any firearm, the evidence officer shall make and inquiry to the California Department of Justice.

True. (HPM 70.1, 11-1)


A firearm ______ (shall/should) not be released to a person taken into custody per section 5150 of the W&I code because that person was a danger to himself or others within the last five years.

Shall not. (HPM 70.1, 11-2)


(True/False) Weapons may be sent to the Academy Weapons Control Unit or an allied agency for desctruction.

False. (HPM 70.1, 11-4)


(True/False) A quarterly audit shall be conducted by the evidence officer.

False. (HPM 70.1, 12-1)


An inventory shall be conducted the evidence supervisor at least ______.

Annually. (HPM 70.1, 12-2)


The evidence room shall only have ______ keys.

Two. (HPM 70.1, 12-3)

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