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What is the program objectives of case management?

To provide appropriate workers compensation benefits to employees, to effectively report injuries and illnesses with designated time frames, to maintain ongoing communications with employees who are off duty as a resut of an occupational injury or illness, return to work as soon as medically appropriate


What is the significant difference between a disabling and a non-disabling injury or illness?

If the employee is unable to return to work on the next scheduled work shift.


What is the significant difference between a "recurrence of injury" and a "aggravation of injury?"

A recurrence does not have a new clearly defined incident and an aggravation does. An aggravation shall be process as a new injury or illness


When a "questionable" injury or illness is claimed, where shall the reasons for questingion the claim be documented?

CHP 121


Should a supervisor accompany the employee to a medical appointment?

If practical, the supervisor shall accompany the employee to discuss work capability (CHP 443) with the health care provider. The discussion shall be documented briefly on the CHP 121, in NO event shall supervisor attempt to be present while employee is being examined.


What aspects of injury and illness case management shall the commander be personally and actively involved?

All aspects


Supervisors shall determine preventability of injuries, illnesses, and hazardous exposure

False, the commander shall make the determination and take appropriate corrective measures.


Who shall personally meet with employees to review the reasons their injuries, illnesses, or hazardous exposures were deemed preventable?

Commanders or their designees


May an employee appeal a determination of preventability?

Yes, it may be appealed to the command's occupational safety committee. Committee members may not change the determination of preventability; however, they may request commanders to consider various factors when reviewing the incidents.


If after an appeal, the occupational safety committee disagrees with the determination of preventability, is there any recourse?

Yes, further appeal may be made following the complain procedure as outline in the Employee Relations Manual


When should employees report illnesses, or hazardous exposures, or recurrences or aggravations of any injury or illness to a supervisor?

As soon as possible and prior to seeking medical treatment unless extenuating circumstances exist


An Area supervisor shall prepare a personalized memorandum to employees which clearly expresses their desire to assist the employee with their injury or illness case? T/F

False, commanders shall prepare such a memo


Are there any attachments to the personalized memos from the area commander that may be necessary?

Yes, commanders shall prepare a memo which outline departmental policy regarding occupation injury and illness case management and employee's right and responsibilities


Is there a need to review the personal memo and attachment with the employee?

Yes, commander or designee shall reveiw both the personalized memo and the attachment with the employee. The employee shall be given the original commander's memo and a copy of attachments.


Commnder shall/should maintain contact with employees who are off duty as a result of occupational injuries or illnesses and Commander shall/may maintain ongoing communications, as appropriate, with employees' medical care providers and arrange a return to full duty as asoon as medcailly appropriate?

Shall and shall


Is an employee's secondary employment request automatically suspended when the employee is off on injury status?

Commanders may require written authroziation from an employee's medical care provider indicating their secondary employement will not affect their ability to recover, but if the medical care provider indicates the secondary employment may interfere, the secondary employment request may be temporarily suspended.


If secondary employment has be suspended, when shall it be reinstated?

Commanders shall reinstate secondary employment requests when the medical care provider provides written authorization indicating the secondary employement will not impede recovery.


How often, if at all is the commander or designee required to contact SCIF for an employee that has been placed off duty?

At least monthly to reveiw the status of those cases.


A CHP 121D (injury illness tracking report) shall be submitted to division by the 10th of each month. The report should/shall/may contain info on the employees that are on limited duty and are off for 30 days or less and should/shall/may contain info on employee who are on limited duty or off in excess of 30 days?

May and shall


Other than on a CHP 121D, what other reporting is necessary for an employee is off for 30 calendar days or more?

on the day following the first 30 calendar days, the commander shall notify the appropriate assistant commissioner, division commander, Disability and Retirement Unit and Human Resource Section


What is the employee's responsibility when reporting a recurrence of an injury or illness?

He shall prepare a CHP 51 (memo) within 24 hours detailing the circumstances


What if the employee is not capable of completing the memo within 24 hours?

The employee's supervisor shall prepare a memo detailing the reported circumstances


All injury and illnesses are recorded on what OSHA form and must be recorded with what time frame?

OSHO #300 log form and injuries and illnesses must be recorded within 6 days following knowledge of the injury or illness


Who shall document an injury or illness of an employee while temporarily assigned to another command?

The command of temporary assignment shall document it unless the assignment is a result of civil disturbance


If the status of any injury or illness changes within 2/3/5 years of the original occurrence, the log on which the injury or illness is recorded must be updated?

5 years


If the injury or illness is denied by SCIF, what happens to the OSHA #300 log entry?

The entire entry is lined out, an appropriate notation made on the log and the CHP 121, and retain the CHP 121 in the commands OSHA 300 log file


When an employee notifies a supervisor of an injury or illness, how long does the supervisor have to complete a CHP 121?

within 24 hours of notification


When shall the emploee sign the CHP 121?

within 24 hours of reporting the injury of illness


What shall the supervisor do if the employee cannot sign the CHP 121 within 24 hours or refuses to sign it?

If the employee is incapable of signing within 24 hours the supervisor shall document the reasons and the employee will sign as soon as possible. If the employee refuses "refused to sgin" shall be placed in the signature box and an explanation in the comments section.


The commander or designee shall review and sign the CHP 121 within in what time frame?

3 days of notification of injury/illness

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