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In the case of a mandatory transfer of an employee, how much notice is required to be given to the employee?

60 days (not required if the transfer does not reasonably require an employee to change place of residence).


What is the maximum travel distance from residence to office while using a state vehicle?

70 miles for commander,
50 miles for non command employees. (4-5)


Who may administer the Oath of Allegiance?

All uniformed employees at the rank sergeant or above, or non-uniformed commanders and their designated alternates. (5-3)


Probationary periods of 12 months (ie. New officers) shall be given performance sppraisals how often?

Every 4 months.


Short term military leave is considered how long?

6 months -180 calendar days - or less.


Long term military leave is considered how long?

more than 6 months, but not exceeding four years of active duty.


How much time is allowed for paid or unpaid FMLA?

12 weeks. (8-22)


What are the reasons which allow for FMLA?

Birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child, to care for a spouse, parent, or child with serious health condition, The employee's own serious health condition, or the employee is the victim of domestic violence.


How long must an employee be AWOL before being considered automatically resigned?

5 consecutive working days. (9-6)


When an employee resigns, he must receive his final pay (including all credits) within what time frame?

Within 72 hours. If the employee gave at least 72 hours, he must be paid at the time of separation. (9-11)


Commanders shall conduct exit interviews and document what information on memorandum to PSS?

Reason for separation, any underlying reasons for separation (lack of advancement, not suited for the work performed, dislike of or poor work conditions), any specific complaints about or suggestions which would improve the department and a recommendation for rehire. If there was a recommendation against rehire, or adverse comments are contained in the eit interview, the employee must first read and sing per 3306. (9-14)


What is the main criteria for becoming a Peer Support Officer (PSO) or a Peer Support Communications Officer (PSCO)?

The PSO or PSCO must have been involved in at least one critical incident and experienced some of the issues and feelings associated with such an event. (11-1,2a)


The peer support program (is/is not) a substitute for professional counseling?

Is not. (11-1,2c)


May a peer support officer be found insubordinate for failing to divulge information obtained in the performance of a PSO during an administrative investigation?

No, except for illegal activities. (11-2,4b)


Should the PSO be the same rank as the person in need of peer support?

The PSO should be of equal or higher rank/classification than the involved employee. (11-8,5)


What is the maximum length of time an employee may receive catastrophic leave credits?

a maximum of 12 months, unless it was due to a natural disaster, then 3 months or 6 months if approved by the assistant commissioner. (13-5,e1d)


When does the approval for secondary employment expire?

If an expiration date for secondary employment is not extablished, it will expire and require to be re-approved during the employee's annual performance appraisal. (14-6,e1)


When an employee is given a CHP 2, what happens if the employee refuses to sign?

The supervisor writes "refused to sign" in the signature box. (15-2,b)


Does an employee have the right to provide a written response to a negative CHP 2?

Yes, the written response must be within 30 days and it shall be attached to the CHP 2. (


An employee must work how many days to be considered a complete pay period of qualifying service?

11 or more work days. (21-1,1a1)


What leave/vacation credits apply for days worked for a qualifying pay period?

Vacation, holiday, sick leave, CTO. (21-1,1a1)


May sick leave credits be used for appointments with physicians, dentists, and other licensed practitioners?

yes, 21-5,c1)


May an employee take regular work time to vote?

Yes, an employee may be granted up to 2 hours to vote as long as there was insufficient time to vote outside work hours. At least 10 days prior to the vote this provision shall be posted on the office bulletin board.


The PSO/PSCO shall complete ______hours of training and _______ hours refresher training.

32 / 8


Employee shall submit a cancellation of their secondary employment request to _____ within _______ of changing conditions.

The commander/10 calendar days.


Uniformed employees involved in a critical shooting, shall be referred for a confidentioal debriefing session within _______ hours?

72 hours.


Administrative Time Off during a state of Emergency, an employee may be granted a paid leave of absence up to _____ days?

5 days

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