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How many increasing levels of responsibilities are there in mutual aid and what are they?

4, Local areas (cities), Operational Areas (counties), Regions (2 or more counties) and the state


When a request for Mutual Aid has not been made, there are only 2 conditions which allow CHP officers to provide assistance to city law enforcement agencies. Name them.

Officer needs assistance (11-99) and emergency traffic assistance


When a police department determines that an emergency situation is beyond their control, what is the first step in requesting mutual aid?

First request is to operational area coordinator (county sheriff)


What occurs when the emergency is beyond the control of the operational area?

The regional coordinator shall be contacted and if more assistance is needed that the state law enforcement mutual aid coordinator shall be contact for help.


OES (office of Emergency Services) divides the state into how many mutual aid regions?

(Can you name them, just kidding)


The CHP can be utlized at any response level and may be used to assist local law enforcement for firefighter protection or other appropriate missions, even prior to a request for other mutual aid? T/F



Before committing CHP resources in response to a request for mutual aid, whose approval must be given?

The Commissioner or his designee


May requests for unarmed assistance at custodial facilities be granted?

NO, all request for unarmed assistance will be declined.


How should a request for mutual aid at a federal custodial facility be handled?

The same as any other mutual aid request, or request for assistance


Area Division commanders may authorize mobilization of as many of their personnel as they deemed necessary for the situation prior to the receipt of approval to commit resources? T/F



Under what circumstances may the Department provide assistance to another agency as a result of a job action?

Only when authorized by one of the commissioner's office and only in accordance with mutual aid agreement


Under what circumstances may the department be used as Supplemental Law Enforcement?

It must be requested in the same manner as Mutual Aid


How long may the department provide traffic law enforcement in a newly incorporated city?

For remainder of current fiscal year or until a police department is developed (which ever come first


How many miles into another state may mutual aid be provided?

50 miles


What kind of jurisdiction exists over all national forest?

concurrent jurisdiction


Is a person with dual citizenship (US and foreign) considered a foreign national?



May an officer issue a traffic citation to person declaring diplomatic immunity?

Yes, a traffic citation is not deemed an arrest by DOS (Dept of State); however, the person shall not be physically arrested


Who are immune from arrest as a result of diplomatic immunity?

Diplomatic Agents, their families and Consular officers


May vehicles owned by persons with immunity be searched, stored or impounded?

Only with the owner's permission

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