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MAIT will conduct investigations within CHP jurisdiction "Only" "EXCEPT"

The collision involves a fatal or severe injury involving any on duty CHP or Cal-Trans employee. The fatal or severe injury pertains to any person not specifically the CHP or Cal-trans employee) Any fatal or severe accident involving department aircraft. Any other accident of unusual significance with prior approval of the division command.


When Shall MAIT be called?

Fatal or severe injury involving CHP or Cal-trans employee, fatal or severe injury involving department aircraft.


When MAY MAIT be called?

When commander or higher authority believes is is appropriate, fatal or severe injury involving a law enforcement agency, 4 or more fatal, 2 or more fatal involving a commercial vehicle, haz-mat spill which seriously threaten life or property, or when NTSB will be conducting an investigation, fatal or severe injury where roadway defect is suspected, involved vehicle suspected of having manufacturing defect, and when in need of an in-depth speed analysis...also failure of safety restraint.


A request for MAIT by an allied agency or DA must be made through what channels?

The request must come through the commander of the area responsible where the collision occurred.


MAIT investigations should be completed with how many days?

As soon as possible but no later than 90 days


When should a preliminary report be submitted if the MAIT report is not ready?

within 15 days

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