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The EEO is to ensure equal opportunity for what/who?

For applicants and existing employees at all levels in testing, hiring, training, promotion and other benifits and privileges of employment


It is the policy to provide equal opportunity for all persons without regard to what?

Race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation or medical condition.


Who is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on OEEO activities to the Commissioner?

Department's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Commander


Who is responsible and accountable to the appropriate Division Chief for personnel practices consistent with the Departments OEEO Program?

Middle Managers/Supervisors


(True/False) The Upward Mobility Program is a component of the Department's overall Affirmative Action



In order for an employee to receive compensation (pay) for bilingual skills, they are to use their bilingual skills, on a continuing basis, an average (%) of the employee 's work time.



A person with a disability is anyone who has a physical or mental impairment to which substantially limits one or more of that person's __________, has a record of such impairment or is regarded as having impairment

Major life activities


An experienced Office Assistant who had a prominent facial scar was passed over for promotion to a Receptionist position. A less experienced Office Assistant was promoted because the Supervisor believed that members of the public would not want to look at this person. How was she discriminated against?

She was discriminated against as a person with a disability because the supervisor perceived and treated the individual with the scar as being substantially limited


Who is entitled to Reasonable Accommodations?

A qualified person that meets the definition of a person with a disability.


Provide some examples of reasonable accommodations.

Making test sites accessible, making written tests accommodations, modify work sites, adjusting work schedules, restructuring jobs, providing assistive devices, provide support services assistance, adopting flexible leave policies


Can an employee with mobility impairment who finds it difficult to maneuver during peak periods on public transportation request to be allowed to start his working shift earlier or later?

Yes. This is an example or reasonable accommodation


A Commander shall render a decision within ___ (days) after a CHP 163 (Reasonable Accommodation Request) is submitted

10 days


The Department must provide "Reasonable Accommodations" to the known physical or medical limitations of a qualified applicant or employee with a disability, unless it can show what?

The accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the organization, or it would pose a direct threat to the health and/or safety of either themselves or to the health or safety of others


Can a background investigator ask an applicant, prior to a conditional offer of employment, "How many days were you absent from work because of illness last year?"

No. The investigator can not make inquiries into an applicant's medical status or history prior to a conditional offer.


What is the cut off age that defines age discrimination?

Over the age of 40


What are the two types of sexual harassment?

Quid Pro Quo (submission to or rejection of "unwelcome sexual" conduct) and hostile work environment.


In order for conduct to be determined to have created and intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment, what three criteria must exist?

The behavior in question must be of a sexual nature, the behavior must be unwelcome and it must be severe enough and/or pervasive enough to create a hostile, intimidating, or offensive work environment.


The Department is responsible for the actions of employees if it knows or _____ of such acts and fails to take timely and appropriate action.

Should have known


An EEO investigator is required to be ____ rank or higher than the alleged discriminatory employee

Shall be at least one rank or higher


Can the Department discipline, discharge, or deny employment to an employee who is an alcoholic?

Yes, if the alcoholic's job performance or conduct is impaired to the point that he/she is not a "qualified person with a disability".


A complainant and an EEO Counselor (Shall/Should) receive a reasonable amount of time to discuss complaint. A reasonable amount of time is generally defined as (?) hours. This right (Shall/Should) not be abridged or its execution delayed by any supervisor

Shall receive a reasonable amount of time. Reasonable amount of time is 4 hours and the right shall not be abridged by any supervisor


The Prudence Kay Poppink Act added ____ as a stipulated protected status for non-discrimination

Medical Conditon


Copies of discrimination complaints shall be retained by EEOU for a period of ___years from the date the complaint was resolved or closed.

Five years


When filing internal complaints of discrimination, the employee is assured the right to remain anonymous until ____ or ____.

The complaint gave the EEO Counselor permission to do otherwise, or a formal written complaint is filed on CHP 612.

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