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May an employee submit a travel expense for cost related to interviews?

No... not for "interviews"



How many miles must an employee travel to be eligible for "Per Diem"?

50 miles


May overtime meals be claimed while over 50 miles?

No, because the employee is covered by Per Diem


Receipts for business expenses are required for expenses over what dollar amount?



Travel advances should be requested how many days prior to the travel and how many day of travel are allowed to be paid in advance?

No earlier than 2 weeks and not more than 30 days of expected travel


What are the times of travel required to be able to claim breakfast, lunch or dinner?

If travel begins before 0600, 1100 and 1700 respectfully. Also if travel completed after 0800, 1400 and 1900.


What forms are required to be completed for an on duty vehicle accident?

CHP 208 (48 hours), 270 (48 hours), 555/556, 121 and 442.


What forms should be submitted with the CHP 268?

None. CHP 268 should stand alone.


Each Commands budget requests shall be transmitted through channels by means of the ___, ___

CHP 172, Budget Request Transmittal


Long term assignment is any assignment of ___ days or more to a given location other than headquarters.

31 days


The minimum travel advance an employee can request is ___?



A monthly memorandum will be sent to an employee who has been issued a travel advance more than___ days.

30 days


To be eligible for reimbursement of overtime meal expense, the overtime must be worked within ___ of the employee's headquarters.

50 miles


What is the maximum amount of hours an employee is allowed to drive a departmental vehicle? Can an employee extend the allotted time?

8 consecutive hours. Yes, if he volunteers not to exceed 4 hours except in an emergency. Exception to the 12 hours...2 or more employees share the driving


When a training class for an employee on travel status is ____weeks or longer, the employee is allowed ___ round trip to their residence.

3 weeks, 1 round trip


Civil Deposition TEC must be submitted within __hours for each subpoena appearance.

24 hours


Can an employee claim relocation expenses while staying at the CHP Academy?



Can an employee's Commander cancel the employee's relocation Per Diem prior to the allowed 60 days?



Can a party of proper interest review an accident report at the local command?

Yes, upon request.


The weekly transmittal period for all offices begins on ___ and ends at the close of business day the following ___.

Friday, Thursday


All motor vehicle accidents shall be reported within ___hours to the Department of General Services utilizing the ___ ____.

48 hours, STD 270 (Report of Vehicle Accident)


The CHP 268 should be completed within ___ hours of the incident

48 hours


The Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board has authorized the Department to settle and pay property damages up to and including ___

$1,000.00 per claim.


What form should the Department provide a claimant for a claim against the Department of less than $1,000.00?

CHP 287.


Can an employee file a claim against the Department by using the CHP 287 form?

No. The employee must file directly with the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board.


Who is the Office of Primary Interest for the Asset Forfeiture Program?

Field Support Section


The x number program is an informal means of obtaining one-time services under ___?

$5,000.00. (x number is for $4,999.99. 5k and above need a contract (3 bids)).


What temperature shall the water heater be set?

105 F.


The interior air of a facility shall not be heated above ___ nor cooled below ___.

68 F, 78 F.

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