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How long must an area maintain a confidential file of CHP 330's?

3 years. (1-4 (3) (m))


How long must the department maintain files of all communicable disease exposure incidents via CHP 121, 121A, 233's and 330?

30 years. (11-7 (d) (2))


Who is our EMS program governed by?

Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA). (1-4 (7) (B))


What form is used to document an exposure in which no injury was sustained by the CHP employee?

CHP 121A. (11-6 (d) (1) (b))


What is the time frame an employee has to start the AZT treatment for an exposure?

2-6 hours. (11-6 (d) (1(a) (1) (a)


What if the exposure was by wet needle stick?

2 hours. (11-6 (d) (a) (a) (2))


An employee who has been exposed must be offered standard blood test at what intervals?

Immediately, 6 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year. (11-7 (e) (1) (a))


What document shall a supervisor complete whether the employee submits to a test or not?

CHP 51 memo. (11-8 (e) (1) (c))


When must an employee schedule a doctor's appointment for a Hep-B vaccine?

During regular work hours.


When shall a CHP 330 be forwarded to the Academy when an AED was utilized?

2 days. (13-7 (5) (a) (4))


What is the retirement cutoff time period to eliminate Officers and Sergeants from being EMT-1 trained.

Two years from retirement. (2-1 (1) (2))


What form is required to be filled out for each patient contact.

CHP 330. (2-7 (d))


How often is the EMT-1 bag required to be inspected by an immediate supervisor?

Annually, during the 118 process. (3-1 (1) (h))


How often must AED and CPR training be attended?

CPR - annual; AED - biannually. (13-2 (1) (2))


If the AED pads are connected to a patient, but no power is applied, does it constitute use?

Yes. (13-5 (4) (a) (1))


(True/False) Misuse or failure to document use of AED shall be grounds for Administrative Action?

True. (13-5 (4) (a) (2))

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