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The Explorer program is an official departmental program administered in cooperation with "Learning for Life" which is an organization associated with the Boy Scouts of America. True/False.

(1-1, 2)


What is the governing body of the Explorer Program?

The Board of Director.
(1-1, 4)


What is the mission of the Explorer Program?

To develop young men and women into responsible and productive citizens through discipline, and commitment to serving their community.
(1-2, 8)


How many modes does the Explorer Program operate in ans what are they?

Three modes:
Operational support
Fund raising
(2-1, 1)


How many levels of training are there for Explorers?

Levels 1 and 2 are done at Area and
Levels 3 & 4 are done at a live-in academy. (2-1, 2)


Donations received by the explorer post must be deposited in the post's bank account within what time frame?

Within 72 hours from receipt of the donation. (1-2, 4b)


Who is the designated as the departmental representative for an explorer post and who also chairs the Advisory Committee for the post?

The Area commander.
(3-3, c)


The Area Commander shall ensure an explorer post audit is completed how often?

(3-3, c)


Who is responsible for approving the monthly financial statements?

The Area Commander.
(3-3, c)


What rank shall the post coordinator be?

At least the rank of sergeant.
(3-3, d)


Personnel records of formal Explorers and) non-departmental advisers shall be retained by the post adviser for how long?

Five years.
(3-5, 19)


Non-departmental associate advisers (May / Shall Not) be placed in a position of authority where they are the sole representative for the Department?

Shall Not
(3-5, f2a)


The Committee membership shall consist of how many permanent members and who shall be member s of the committee?

A minimum of five permanent members. At a minimum, the Area Commander, the Division Coordiianator and the Post Coordinator shall be on the Committee.


Who is required to attend the Explorer Leader Basic Training course provide by Learning for Life?

All adult members registered in an Explorer post including the statewide and Division Explorer Coordinators, all post advisers, and all associate advisers.


Who is required to register annually with Learning for Life?

Post advisors and Explorers as well as the Area Commander, Post Coordinator and Associate advisors.
(4-2, d)


Area Commanders may issue Explorer identification cards under what conditions?

The Explorer must be with the Explorer Program for at least three months and has successfully completed level I academy.
(5-3, e1)


What should the Area Commander do if an Explorer resigns from the post?

The Area Commander should hold an exit interview with the Explorer and shall prepare a Notice of Membership Expiration to be sent to the resigning Explorer.
(5-6, g)


May an Explorer be dismissed from the post?

Yes. The post advisor shall document the incident on a memorandum and send a copy of it to the explorer. The Area Commander shall prepare a Notice of Membership Expiration to be sent to the dismissed Explorer.
(5-6, h)


Explorers involved in incidents which would normally qualify for critical incident debriefing and/or peer support should be granted these services upon approval of the Area Commander. True/False

(5-9, f)


Who conducts the final level of review of he Explorer''s background investigation?

The Area Commander.
(6-2, c3)


The background investigation shall be completed within _____ days of the date he/she was assigned the investigation and the Area Commander shall submit the completed background investigation to the Division and statewide coordinators within ____ days of the date the investigation was assigned?

30/60 working days
(6-1,2a4 and 6-2, c5)


Who is responsible to ensure an SOP is established for the Explorer post?

The Area Commander
(7-1, 1a)


Minutes are kept for all Explorer meetings. Minutes are kept for all Explorer meetings. How are the minutes distributed?

Explorer post file
Area Commander
and Division Coordinator
(7-4, f)


The CHP 400T, Explorer Financial Statement, shall be approved by the Area Commander how often?

(8-1, 2f)


All checking accounts shall require dual signatures for disbursement of funds. True/False

(8-2, 3d)


Explorer posts are not permitted to accept donations of property that require maintenance or registration. True/False?

(8-3, 4d)


How much overtime, CTO and on-duty time is authorized while engaged in explorer post activities?

(8-3, 5a)


Are any Explorer advisers eligible for the CHP Youth Mentoring Program?

Yes, one Explorer adviser is eligible to receive up to 40 hours of mentoring leave credits per calendar year. (the employee is given an hour of mentoring leave for every hour of his/her personal time. Refer to HPM 22.8 COPS manual)


Disbursement of funds from the Explorer checking account in excess of $100.00 requires authorization from who, $1,000.00 requires authorization from who, and $5,000.. from who?

Area Commander
Division Commander
Board of Directors
(8-6, 8d)


Are Explorers allowed to access CLETS?

Yes, they shall attend the four hour CLETS training at the less than Full Access Level which should be conducted during level I training.
(10-2, NOTE)

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