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Who is accountable and ultimately responsible for the control and accounting of all CHP 215' received, issued, and processed by employees?

Area Commanders


Under the "parental notification program" violations committed by children under ____years of age as pedestrians, riding a bike, scooter or skating may be recorded on CHP 215 and their parents notified by mail when follow-up action other than a court appearance is desired?

14 years of age


Is a CHP 215 necessary for a warrant arrest?

Yes, when a warrant arrest has been made and the person has been taken into custody a CHP 215 is to be prepared. Info relating to the type of warrant is to be entered in the violation portion of the form


When an arrest or investigation is turned over to an allied agency, a CHP 215 should/shall/may be complete for statistical purposes?

SHALL....if a 215 is not completed, a 216 or 202 shall be prepared


If a subject was arrested on multiple warrants, may more than one 215 be issued?

If there is more than one warrant issued for the arrestee and the warrants are from different counties, prepare a separate 215 for each county. For multiple warrants from the same county, only one 215 shall be used.


On a 215, when should the traffic and or nontraffic box be checked?

Traffic is all violations that are VC violations, nontraffic is any violation is non traffic


What is required next to a DL number when other than a valid license is in possession?



What method should officers use to determine race/ethnicity?

Officers should use observation and their best judgement only to determine a person's race/ethnicity. If it is determined that the officer needs to solicit the information is shall be done with the utmost of tact and sensitivity. The arrestee shall be told it is for stats recording info


For financial responsibility, list in order of priority of the numbers found on the side of commerical vehicles



May a registration violation be cited on at 281?

No, registraton violations shall be cited on a 215


When the booking required box is checked when issuing a 215 and the person was not physically arrested, what form must be given to the violator?



When a suspect is not physically arrested and there is a need to have the subject "booked" for "recordable" offense, the supervisor must be notified and the booking required box checked on the 215?

False, the supervisor's permission is not required


If the booking required box is checked, when shall the violator be booked or finger printed?

The arrestee is to be booked or fingerprinted by the arresting agency, unless required by the court to have live scan fingerprints, prior to the court appearance


For a penalty enhancement to be imposed (violations in a construction zone) at sentencing, what is required in the violations section of the 215?

"in a construction zone, for example 23103 VC, "reckless driving in a construction zone"


What radar information is required on the 215

The counting unit serial number and CHP vehicle license number


Is a verified diplomatic agent required to sign a 215

No a request shall be made for him to sign, but if refused, refused will be placed in signature box...and he will be released


If a 215 book series is incomplete, defective or outdated what procedure shall take effect?

The commander shall destroy the entire series as appropriate (ex: if the number of defective citations exceeds 50%of the book)


The office copy (white) of 215 shall be retained at the area for a minimum of ___ months



The officer's copy (green) of 215 shall be retained for ____ months



Who shall be designated to be responsible for processing of 215a

Area commander shall designate one person to be responsible for citation processing. Area offices may train and have other personnnel available to assume these resopnsibilities in the absence of the person regularly assigned


What is the procedure for an area commander to requests a citation be dismissed?

The area commander shall prepare a locally developed letter in quadruplicate. The letter shall adequately support the request for dismissal of the citation or charge tand shall contain the citation number, citation date, defendant's name, authority for the dismissal and brief synopsis of the reason of the letter of request for dismissal.


Can a CHP 411 be used to upgrade a violation from an infraction to a misdemeanor or from a misdemeanor to a felony?

No, the complaint process must be used to upgrade the charges


Is a violator required to sign a CHP 215S

No, if refused, Refused shall be placed in the signature box of the CHP215S


A CHP 281 should be used for mechanical violations except under what conditions?

There is evidence of persistent neglect or fraud, the violation presents an immediate safety hazard, or when the violator does not agree to or cannot promptly correct the violation.


When issuing a CHP 281 and no 215s is available for additional violations, what should be used?

Additional 281's may be used in lieu of a CHP 215s


What action should be taken if a violator refuses to sign a CHP 281?

It should be a disqualifier for the issuance of a CHP 281 and 215 should be issued


When a CHP 267 is sumitted for cancellation, it should be done witin ____ of date issuance?

21 days


A CHP 422 should not be placed where?

Painted surface, front windshield or side view mirrors


The upper portion of the CHP 422 shall be assigned for follow-up within ___days

5 days

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