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What are the 3 phases of an emergency period?

Pre-impact phase.
Immediate impact phase.
Sustained emergency phase.


The area around a downed aircraft should be cleared for a minimum of what distance.

2,000 feet


What are the steps for requesting mutual aid?

When a local government (city) is overwhelmed it must get help from an operational area (county sheriff). When an operational area needs help it gets it from the regional coordinator. If the combined resources of a region is not enough they get help from the state.


When can the CHP be used during any response level (even to assist a local PD) prior to a request for mutual aid.

To assist in firefighter protection or other appropriate missions.


Under what conditions will a request for "unarmed" assistance be granted?

"ALL" request for unarmed assistance will be denied.


May the CHP respond to mutual aid requests within national parks?

No", national parks have exclusive jurisdicction, therefore the CHP has absolutely no authority within national parks.


Assistance provided to a bordering state will be limited to within how many mikes?

50 miles


What is the "maximum" and the "optimum" rate of officers per supervisor in an ICS situation?

(1 to 8) and (1 to 5) respectively.


Radio and cell phones shall not be used within what distance of a bomb search or suspected explosive device.

300 feet


What form is used to document the officer's time at an emergency incident.

A 415C


Each Command is required to gave a plan for "Stand Alone" self-sufficient operation. How many hours is an Area required to be able to "Stand Alone" following a major event disabling a region with no outside help?

72 Hours. (1-L-1)


Who is the only person who can commit CHP resources for Mutual Aid Support?

Commissioner. (3-16)


When searching for boms, CHP personnel shall limit their searches to what two types of searches?

Visual and Facility Searches. (4-6)


(True/False) CHP personnel shall not conduct entry searches of vehicles or state owned, highway related structures?

True (4-8, 4-9)


Commanders should or shall immediately notify CalTrans of actual or suspected incidents involving state highway or state owned structures?

should. (4-8)


What color is the binder is the Emergency Actions Plan (EAP) is stored? Where is the location?

Red, Accessible to All employees. (5-5)


After a level 2 or 3 response, within how many days must an After Action memo be submitted to Division?

30 days. (6-11)


After a level 4 response, within how many days must an After Action memo be submitted to Division?

45 days. (6-12)


What are the three emergency incident priorities and in what order do they exist?

Life saving efforts, Property protection, and Resumption of essential servives. (1-5)


How many levels of peacetime emergencies are there?

Three. (1-8)


What are the five ICS sections?

Command, Operations, Planning/Intelligence, Logistics, Finance. (3-13)

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