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Public Affairs is divided into what 2 separate areas?

Internal (employee recognition, image bldg, employee support, passing on info to internal activities) and external (news media, public relations, traffic safety education, etc)


Commanders are accountable for the effectiveness of their respective public affairs programs which includes what?

Ensuring they have an active, effective public affairs program, ensuring that public affairs activities are actively directed towards achieving deparmental goals and objectives, and becoming personally involved in the public affairs activities within their command


How long is a press card valid?

No card is valid for more than 3 years.


To whom does the area public affairs officer report?

Directly to the area commander


When may video or audio recording made by onboard patrol cars be released to the media?

Only upon approval of the commissioner


The public affairs officer is reasponsible for every news release issued? T/F

False, the commander is responsible


A discussion of Command Management Planning (CMP) related to public affairs activites shall/should be included in quarterly CMP reports



What is the single most important part of the department's public affairs activities?

Good media relations!!!!!!!!!!

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