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Searches for juvenile offenders with a dual purpose canine shall be limited to those instances based on:

Severity of the crime,
Juvenile's propensity for violence or possible possession of a weapon.


Single purpose drug detection canines can be used to search for suspects or protect he canine handler from suspects?

Shall not be used for protection or locate/apprehend suspects.


Funding for canines are acquired by?

Asset forfeiture.


A canine supervisor shall inspect the canines vehicle at least:

Once quarterly


A canine supervisor must ride along with the canine team at least:

A minimum of two 8 hour shifts per year.


Must a canine handler always be an officer?

No, he may either an officer or sergeant.


A departmental canine may be left with ____ (who) when the officer is on vacation?

Cannot be left with anyone, must be kenneled.


Canine shall not be selected with a minimum of _____ months nor a maximum of ____ years?

18 months
4 year


(True / False) Department canines may be used for breeding purposes.

Shall not be used for breeding purposes.


Who may recommend euthanasia of a canine?

Veterinarian's recommend
Department has final say.

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