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____ ____ is research on programs that are implemented to achieve some positive effect on a group of individuals.

Program evaluation


The initial focus of evaluation research was "____ ____": did the program result in the positive outcome for which it was designed?

outcome evaluation


____ ____ studies ask whether there are problems that need to be addressed in a target population.

Needs assessment


____ ____ assessment may involve the collaboration of researchers, service providers, and prospective clients of the program to determine that the proposed program does in fact address the needs of the target population in appropriate ways.

Program theory assessment


When the program is underway, the evaluation researcher monitors it to determine whether it is reaching the target population, whether it is attracting enough clients, and whether the staff is providing the planned services. This is called ____ ____ or program monitoring.

process evaluation


____ ____ or impact assessment is determining whether the intended outcomes of the program are being realised.

Outcome evaluation


Researchers must also determine whether a program is worth the resources it consumes, this is called ____ ____.

efficiency assessment