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Explain level 6 of the Minnesota Horse Program Achievement Book.

The last step in the MN achievement program. Shown at the State Horse Show, a specific series of steps that the horse and rider must demonstrate, along with a ??


Describe what is meant by collection.

the shortening of the horses body length, caused by the rider driving the horse forward into the bit, flexing at the poll, raising the action, lowering the croup, and bringing hindquarters underneath. Horse is light an mobile, ready to respond to requests of the rider


What is a check rein?

A rein designed to keep the horses head in a certain position by attaching to the bridle and then to the saddle or harness


Describe what traces are.

In driving, the part of the harness that run from the collar to the single tree, the leather bands by which pressure is transferred from the collar to the vehicle


There are two types of lice that infest horses. Haematopinus asini and Damalinia equi. What is the difference between the two?

Haematopinus asini - bloodsucking Damalinia equi - biting


What is a canker and what causes it?

Infection of the hoof - found in horses housed in wet pastures.


What is a v spring and what is it used for?

A v shaped spring applied to the horses frog - to relieve hoof bar pressure


What is cushings disease?

A hormonal disorder causing abnormally long hair coat and abnormal shedding. The cause of Cushing's disease in horses is a tumor found in the pituitary gland.


What is the integumentary system and what is it's purpose?

It is the skin and hair that covers the horses body and forms the boundary between the horse and it's environment. Important in thermoregulation (temperature). Provides protection from mechanical, chemical and physicial agents.


What is the protective layer of the hoof wall called?



When does a mare reach maximum milk production after foaling?

8-12 weeks


What is the difference between wheat germ and wheat bran?

Wheat germ is the part of the seed that will sprout and grow (inside part), wheat bran is the outer layer of the seed.


Allelomimetic or Mimicry behavior is common in horses. Desribe it.

Referred to as contagious or infectious behavior. Examples - run because another horse is running, a horse hard to catch in a group can result in other horses who are hard to catch. Wood chewing or playing.


What is investigative behavior?

Sensory inspection involving one or more of the senses - sight, touch, smell, hearing and sometimes taste. Must be completed before horse can accept something without apprehension.


Describe agonostic behavior.

All actions that are a result of or associated with conflict or fighting, includes aggresion, submission and attempts to escape.


Describe dominance hierachies.

Referred to as pecking order - established through agonistic behavior


What is azoturia disease?

Metabolic disorder - commonly known as tying up or Monday morning disease. Results in lameness and rigidiyt of the muscles of the loin.


What is a disease that was primarily observed in draft horses not worked on Sunday but given full feed.

Monday Morning Disease.


What is a random hitch.

A 3 horse hitch, 3 horses single file


What color of a horse would be referred to as sooty.



What breed of horse must be 5 years of age to be registered.

American Miniature


What is the normal pulse rate of a horse?

30-40 beats per minute


What is the normal temperate of a horse?

99 - 101 (100.5)


What is the normal respiration rate?

8-16 breaths per minute.


Where on the horse would you listen for gut sounds?



What is a gaucho?

a spanish cowboy


What is a vaquero?

a mexican cowboy


What is the purpose of pasture?

To provide feed and to provide a space for exercise


What is a park horse?

a horse with a brilliant performance, style, presence, finish, balance and cadence


Why do Arabians have large hooves?

Evolved for traveling in dessert sands