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What is the term for the highest form of specialized training of the riding horse?

High school

(Source: Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms, p. 139)


Name three different training methods using negative reinforcement or adverse stimuli.

Punishment, escape, avoidance

(Source: AYHC Horse Industry Handbook, 1240-3)


When teaching a horse t neck-rein, using two hands, one to pull and one to bear on the neck, what is that called?

Leading and bearing rein

(Source: Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms, p. 25, 166, 196)


What is the conditioning method for horses that increases stamina, wind and muscle tone while preventing trauma to the feet and legs?


(Source: The Horse, Evans, p. 784)


What is the name given to a horse that cannot be broken?


(Source: Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms, p. 198)


How do you teach a young foal to lead?

Use a tail rope (non-skid loop over hindquarters, pulling gently forward)

(Source: AYHC Horse Industry Handbook, 950-4)


What is the basis of horse training?

Power of association

(Source: Horse Science (National 4-H Council), p. 7)


How should a workout conclude?

With a warm-down period

(Source: AYHC Horse Industry Handbook, p. 851-9)


What provides a good monitor of how horses respond to exercise?

Heart rate

(Source: AYHC Horse Industry Handbook, 851-1)