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Q.: Approximately how long does a tetanus antitoxin vaccination give protection?

A.: Two weeks


Q.: Give two causes of contracted heels.

A.: Lack of frog pressure and lack of moisture in the hoof, heredity, faulty conformation


A.: Lack of frog pressure and lack of moisture in the hoof, heredity, faulty conformation

Q.: What is gravel?


Q.: What is gravel?

A.: A condition which is usually caused by penetration of the protective covering of the hoof by small bits of gravel or dirt


Q.: What is a serious abnormality that affects the serviceability of the horse?

A.: Unsoundness


Q.: Most lameness can be detected at what gait?

A.: A (slow) trot


Q.: "Pounding" is a defect in way of going often associated with what conformation defect?

A.: Straight shoulders and pasterns


Q.: What disease do mites cause?

A.: Mange


Q.: What is the conformation in which the knees are bent forward called?

A.: Buck-kneed


Q.: What are anthelmintics?

A.: Worm medicines


Q.: What is the common conformation fault in the rear limbs that puts a strain on the plantar ligament, leading to a curb?

A.: Sickle Hocks


Q.: In calf roping, what is a calf tied up with?

A.: Pigging string


Q.: Seatless leggins made of leather and worn for protection from the cold and brush are called what?

A.: Chaps


Q.: What is another name for a double bridle?

A.: Weymouth bridle


Q.: When mounting for English Equitation, on what part of the saddle do you place the right hand?

A.: Cantle


Q.: In horses, what does a unicorn refer to?

A.: A type of hitch where two horses are hitched as a pair with a third in front of the pair


Q.: Name the saddle used by the calvary.

A.: McClellan


Q.: T/F, A rider should keep his hands as low as possible when using a hackamore.

A.: True, low hands cause the bosal pressure to be applied properly in the correct places


Q.: Name four methods of restraint.

A.: Blindfolding, applying twitch, lifting a foot, holding an ear or the tail, etc.


Q.: Should the curb chain on a halfbreed or spade bit be adjusted snugly or loosely?

A.: Snugly


Q.: What is the longitudinal groove in the bottom surface of a horseshoe, usually including nail holes, which increases traction called?

A.: Swedging


Q.: Name 3 types of pasture fences suitable for horses.

A.: Post & rail; post & cable; nylon; wire mesh; chain linked; post & plank


Q.: Name two types of martingales and describe their purposes.

A.: Standing - prevents elevation of the head beyond a certain level without cramping the horse; Running - allows more movement to the horse's head allowing the horse to be pulled in


Q.: Braces, copper roller and a high port are all part of what bit?

A.: Spade


Q.: The common remedy for what vice is a strap buckled around the neck in a way that will compress the larynx when the head is flexed?

A.: Cribbing


Q.: A bitless bridle that is often used in breaking young horses, especially polo and cow ponies, is a what?

A.: Bosal Hackamore


Q.: Which type of bridle must be used in a Saddle Seat Equitation class?

A.: Full bridle


Q.: A pelham bit is a (a) curb, (b) snaffle, (c) both curb and snaffle (d) hackamore

A.: C - both curb and snaffle


Q.: What do you call the bit mouthpiece designed to bring pressure to bear on the bars of the horse's mouth?

A.: Curb


Q.: What is a liverpool bit and what is it used for?

A.: It has a straight bar mouthpiece and can be used as a snaffle or a curb bit. Used on heavy harness horses, plowing horses