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What is the hoof wall comprised of?

Epithelia cells that have been keratinized


How much weight does a standardbred lose in a 1-mile race?

12-33 pounds


What material is the second hardest substance in the world, next to diamonds, which are added to horseshoes to increase traction and durability?



Name the genetic disease that traces back to the Quarter horse stallion Poco Bueno.

HERDA (hereditary equine regional dermatosparaxis) or HC (equine hyperclastosis cutis)


Vices are classified into 3 categories, what are they?

dangerous to man, dangerous to horse, nuisance habits


What are two things that the vestibulocochlear nerve is responsible for?

hearing and balance


Your mare is in a heavy state of milking and begins to convulse and goes into a coma. What condition is your mare experiencing and what caused it?

Eclampsia. Likely caused due to loss of calcuim through milk.


What is hyperlipemia?

Unusually high levels of fat in the blood


What muscle regulates the flow of stomach contents into the deodenum?

Pyloric Sphincter Muscle


Why would a mare's physiological makeup make her less likely to retain bladder stones than stallions or geldings?

Mares have a much shorter and wider urethra that allows their excretion.