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What is a broad complex tachycardia?

Any tachycardia with a QRS duration of greater than 0.12 seconds.


What is tachycardia?

A heart rate greater than 100 beats per minute.


Why don't you use GTN for chest pain associated with broad complex tachycardia?

Risk of precipitating a heart attack.

Contraindication for use of GTN is a heart rate greater than 150 beats per minute.


What should you do if you have a child patient with broad complex tachycardia?

Consult a medical specialist.

Phone a friend!


What is your treatment plan for patients with broad complex tachycardia?

Determine and record the cardiac rhythm.
Gain IV access
Be prepared to treat cardiac arrest
Do not use GTN (even of patient has cardiac chest pain) If patient is significantly compromised;
Need ALS help to use manual mode and for drugs
attach defibrillator and use in automatic mode

If patient is not significantly compromised
acquire a 12 lead ECG (provided no delay ni treatment)
ALS for amioderone


What is haemodynamic compromise?

Blood flow compromise


In a patient with broad complex tachycardia that is significantly compromsed - what rhythm should you assume the patient ot be in?

VT and treat accordingly


What is "significant compromise" when talking of patients with broad complex tachycardia?

a) Shock
cold and clammy extremities
impaired consciousness
b) Syncope
c) Cardiogenic pulmonary odema
d) Myocardial ischaemia
indicated by significant chest pain

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