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If breathing is inadequate and a new-born's heart rate is less than or equal to 100 - what do you do?

Ventilate with a manual ventilation bag at a rate of 40-60/min without added oxygen.

Continuously monitor the heart rate


What is the ratio of compressions to ventilation on a new-born?

3 to 1


What is an adequate heart rate for a new-born?

When the heart rate is greater than 100 beats/min


How often should you assess the heart rate and respiration rate in a new-born that is compromised?

Every 30 seconds


What is the focus of resuscitation on new-borns?

Focus is primarily on supporting breathing.


When do you start CPR on a new-born?

When the heart rate falls to less than 60 beats/min.


What is also important to do with regards to checks on a baby that has a low LOC?

Heel prick to check BGL.


When do you add oxygen to the ventilation process if a new-born heart rate stays between 60 and 100 beats/min?

When the heart rate fails to improve.

Consider an LMA placement


Can you put an LMA into a new-born?


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