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What does LATER mean?

Load And Treat En Route


What patients in an MCI situation are considered unsalvageable?

Patients are deemed unsalvageable if they have the following:
Respiratory arrest
Severe shock and a falling heart rate
GCS of 3 with bilateral dilated and unreactive pupils
Severe life threatening injuries in the elderly


When would you deem a patient unsalvagable?

If a number of severely injured patients is high and immediate and urgent patients require treatment and transport.


What does MOI mean?

Mechanism Of Injury.


What bearing does mechanism of injury have on the treatment of your patient?

The mechanism of injury determines the type of injuries you might be dealing with in relation to;
Other factors in the events causing injury
E.g. car crash at speed vs pedestrian in comparison to a fall from a ladder or falling off a bike

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