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What is thrombolysis?

Administering drugs to breakdown clots.


How often do you record blood pressure, pulse and capillary refill on patients that have been thrombolised?

Every 10 minutes


What is also important to monitor for closely?

Signs of bleeding


Can patients who have been thrmobolised be transported in a single crewed ambualnce?

No - must be minimum of double crew


Why are thrombolised patients at risk?

Because they have recieved drugs which have increased their risk of bleeding?


What is the most common life threatening bleed that can occur for a patient that has had thrombolysis?

Inter cranial bleeding


What are the signs of a inter cranial bleed?

Sudden onset headache
Falling LOC
Focal neurological signs


Why do we need to record BP, pulse and cap refill often?

Monitor for internal bleeding?


When do you acquire a 12 lead with regard to a patient that has recieved thrombolysis?

after 60 minutes if no change
if there is a significant change in patients condition

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