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What do hormones do?

Regulate the body's system


Where does the pancreas sit?

Behind the stomach in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen.


What do the Alpha cells of the pancreas cause the release of - insulin or glucagon?



Is insulin released by the Alpha, Beta, Delta or F cells in the pancreas.

Beta cells


What do Delta cells in the pancreas release?

Somvastin (regulate Alpha and Beta cells)


F cells secrete pancreatic peptide - what does this do?

This inhibits the secretion of bile and pancreatic enzyme.


Explain the process for the release of insulin.

A meal is eaten, Beta cells are stimulated because of the rise of BSL, insulin is released, the body stores glucose as glycogen in the liver, muscle and fat and the BSL is stabilised.


Explain the process for the stimulation of Alpha cells.

A person's BSL starts to decrease. The Alpha cells are stimulated by the drop in BSL and glucagon is released. The glucagon causes glycogen to be released from the liver, fat and/or muscle and this is converted to glucose. The glucose goes into the blood stream and the BSL is stabilised.


What are the islets of langerhans?

Microstructure within the pancreas that produce hormones - Alpha, Beta, Delta and F cells. They are surrounded by Aciner cells that produce digestive enzymes.

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