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Proper place of PPF is based on ?

-# of fans & personnel available
-location of fire floor
-# of floors
-stage of fire operations


What is priority order for use of PPF ?

-pressurize attk
-pressurize evacuation
-vent public hallways


The pressure delivered to the attack stair by ppf will be great enough to allow for up to __ stairwell doors to be open?

Up to 3


The vent group supervisor shall request that the IC instruct __ operating above the fire to verify that doors in the stair enclosure remain closed?

3rd & 4th ladders


If fire floor is above the 10th floor or addtl pressures are required to maintain the stairwell free of smoke, a 2nd fan placed where?

3 floors below fire floor


One fan can provide proper pressure in a stairwell up to __ stories? Two fans?

Up to 10. Two up to 40.


Proper positioning of a fan ?

4' to 6' at 80 deg angle


Extreme smoke condition in attk or evacuation stairwell, ventilation of that stairwell may be implemented as follows - units are not committed to FF? Units are ?

PPF ground floor with FF stairwell door closed. Vent group roof or another member 'burps' the bulkhead(approx 60 secs)then shut bulkhead door. Member stays on roof. **are committed stairwell door closed as much as possible


Never leave unattended, re-fuel inside or move while in operation?



Sequential vent:

Attk bulkhead open. Evac closed. Doors on fire floor open. *start at lower floors


CO levels are in __ to __ range gas pwr PPF will not significantly reduce those levels due to CO emissions by fans?

0 to 60ppm


Checking fans?

Daily 9x6. Weekly at mud - run at full rpm for 5 minutes


Exhaust hoses must always be used?

True. Never re-fuel inside structure; never leave unattended.