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Level of alcohol that elicits a positive test result?



Every officer that observes a member exhibiting signs of alcohol or drug abuse should do what?

Consult with CSU and may refer member to CSU


Officer suspects or knows any member that is engaged in alcohol or drugs shall take what actions?

On and Off duty members can not leave unless permission is given by investigating officer.
Immediately relieve on duty member.
affected unit OOS. NO Roll Call+NO Advice
Batt Chief/BIT'S
Company Journal


Duties of Investigating Officer. When confronted
with alcohol or drugs?

Roll Call
Advise them about right to representation.
Conduct investigation
order testing


T/F BITS and Testing units can administer urine and blood tests.

False only urine
BHS does blood if testing does not get urine in the provided time, up to 2 hr


A drug/alcohol retest must be done within ____ days?

within 30 days by a different lab.
PS specimen sufficient
members expense
same specimen
transported directly from lab to lab


When the testing unit arrives Officer does what?

Direct member to report to company office.


How long will the testing unit wait for a line unit?

unit does not transmit 10-8 within 60 minutes


If testing unit believes member substituted specimen, What happens?

Another specimen under direct observation of staff member Both specimen forwarded.


Positive specimens will be kept for _____ and negative will be kept for ____.

1 year
2 weeks
PS no records of testing kept in personal file


Alcohol/Drugs. What is the most significant sign?

Change in a persons pattern of behavior


When does low water pressure procedures start and Who does it?
Results on Hydrant Pressure Chart posted at
HW Desk throughout summer season.

First full week of May. Starting at 10:00 to 22:00


What happens to a person illegally opening a hydrant?

PS if vandalized call PD


How many phases in water pressure alert?

Start at 10:00 each unit takes reading every hour until 22:00
PS Phase 1and Phase 2 every hour


T/F If during these water phases a hydrant is found defective it is necessary to also complete a defective hydrant report?

false it is not necessary


After phase 2, officer after completing their assigned patrol duties shall fax battalion what?

# of illegally opened
# shut down
# of spray cap placed
areas experiencing dangerously low water press


Can u fill the booster with high pressure?

Yes only if absolutely necessary while in pumps.
PS as a general rule booster should only be filled by hydrant pressure or low pressure source.


Members operating in IDLH should not remove SCBA regulator except?

cylinder depleted
SCBA malfunctioning SO AS TO CUT OFF AIR
PS do not jump on just malfunctioning.


T/F If a Officer has to leave IDLH all members from his unit must leave?

False. Officer can provide them with temporary supervision for remaining members. No temporary supervision members from unit leave.


T/F For a trapped civilian u can use the FAST PACK.

True as long as it is not the fast pack assigned to the fast unit.
PS A spare SCBA can be used for trapped members AND civilians


When conducting drills who plays a particular role?

senior members
PS officers generally lead drills


The reading schedule of probys. the OFFICER on duty shall Initial and date in red when?

the subject matter has been reviewed or drilled on.
PS company commander checks it once a month and prioritize reading schedule


How often does the proby write in his book?

each tour.


Proby FF control sheet shall be affixed to the inside of what?

inside cover of the proby FF FOLDER.
PS notebook 1 page gets tools list


Proby notebooks shall be maintained for how long?

1 full year from the date the member is assigned TO THE FIELD UNIT. Tool list attached to 1st page.
Reading Schedule 3 years


Proby training notebooks shall be reviewed when and stored where?

weekly notebooks stored in company office.
PS lost and destroyed company commander report to division within 30 days.


Proby notebook shall leaves be documented in book?

yes except for regular leave and on the first tour after the leave has concluded officer verifies dates and signs the entry.


Who ensures the proby book is reviewed on a regular basis?

PS proby reviews it weekly.initial, date, blue/black


When does the Company Commander review the proby book?

monthly. Initial, date, red
PS officers each tour
chief's during company drill visits


The EBF-4 is linked to what?

HRIS database
Spare radio list


How do u log in EBF-4

Last name
Payroll reference#
PS it is submitted by pressing SAVE BUTTON


T/F EBF-4 shall not include members detailed to another unit for the tour.

True Only members riding on apparatus
PS copy on officer and apparatus
Remember spare radio, # next to riding position.