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What size hose is recommended?

1 3/4"


When 1st arriving engine co backstretches they should consider?

Dropping 2 hand lines IFO bld.


Hoseline flaked out, charged & bled ?

Before entering the fire bld.


Primary consideration in the placement of the first hoseline for access to fire in the cellar when interior attack is ordered is via ?

Cellar fire: entrance door that provides the quickest access to the fire area.


During initial size up at apparent first floor and/or second floor fires members should ensure they ?

Check to determine that the fire did not start on a lower floor or in the cellar before committing the first hose line


When entering the first floor main entrance above a cellar fire, a TIC showing heat waves emanating across the first floor CEILING indicates?

The interior cellar door is open


The IC(Chief or Co Officer) should consider ordering an exterior hose line operated into a cellar window to allow for quick knockdown when there will be a DELAY in applying water from the interior or conditions dictate. Some examples?

-Cellar fire involving LW construction
-serious/advanced cellar fire
-unable to locate any cellar entrance
-**unable to quickly access or locate a secondary cellar entrance & unable to advance down interior cellar stair


When hand line is operated into a cellar window what is primary consideration for members on first floor above cellar?

Close the interior cellar door at top of the stairs.


The following options should be considered by members on floor above cellar when line is operated into cellar window?

-operate under protection of a charged hose line
-secure area of refuge ensuring a ready means of eggress


In an emergency such as __ the IC should order the immediate operation of a hose line into a cellar window?

-members trapped by fire
-endangered by fire because collapse has occurred


Cellar fire: least desirable of secondary entrances & shall not be utilized for hose line placement unless its only option?

Bilco doors


Following would preclude decent of 1st hose line down interior stairs for cellar fire?

-high heat at TOP of stairs
-questionable stability of stairs
-initial size up indicates serious fire condition


Cellar fire: repositioning of 1st line to secondary entrance ?

Can be made by BC or ABC. Give URGENT. Ladder co members on first floor withdrawn before 1st line repositioned.


Fully involved: when back stretching drop two hand lines. Leave front open for TL. Consider stretching ?

2 1/2". Operate line in the exterior to protect exposures before entering. Also consider 2 1/2" for wind impacted or heavily involved first floor fire in larger style PD (Queen Anne)


Fully involved PD has increased collapse potential & requires a complete evaluation by IC before entering T/F?



Exposure protection: Units operating line to extinguish fire on the exterior of a building should sweep the stream across the face starting ?

At the top so water cascades down the exterior. Consider 2 1/2"