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Relay: when intake pressure drops below __ psi on operating pumper, then ECC of operating pumper should request the supply pumper to increase throttle in __ psi increments ?

Drops below 15psi. 10psi increments. ***If supply pumpers intake drops below 15psi, the supply ECC should contact operating pumper ECC & IC & inform them that the hydrants supply limit has been reached.


The controlling nozzle & in-line pressure gauge should always be attached to 2 1/2" hose ?

F. Controlling nozzle must always be carried attached to the folded lead length.


Siamese Colors: standpipe ? Auto sprinkler ? Non-Auto sprinkler ? Combo standpipe/sprinkler ?

Standpipe = red. Auto sprinkler = green. Non auto sprinkler = aluminum. Combo = yellow


Stretch a line via an Aerial Ladder: hose is placed on __ side of ladder as men climb ?

Left side


PSS: only used when all other means of self rescue are exhausted. Must transmit 'mayday' & include you are in process of deploying pss. If conditions permit, tying off to ___ is the preferred method of anchoring pss?

Substantial object. Suitable substantial objects are: two wall studs, door frame, steam riser & radiator.


PSS: when using anchor hook place where?

As low as possible keeping tension.


PSS: leading with __ hand will be most effective way to exit room?

Right hand


PSS: exitting. The __ hand must maintain its grasp on the interior wall until body is in __ position?

Left hand, upright


65-2 transmitted. 'Implementation of Emergency LSR operations'. 1st/2nd roof ff shall bring lsr into nfp bld 3 stories or greater. Additionally 1st/2nd roof ff in FP residential bring lsr to floor above. What does 2nd roof FF do immediately after reaching position?

Immediately identify possible substantial objects for tying off lsr & position lsr there. This member will also position lsr of 1st roof at another substantial object. *do not remove lsr from bag unless rescue/removal evol 32


These 2 roof FF must maintain their position on roof(or floor above) until ?

Probably will hold or evacuate roof or services no longer req'd