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Marine ladders are wood. Painted black except hooks & ?

18" at base of each beam which are painted White. Ladder length & co id are stenciled on the exterior of both beams


Aluminum ladders weaken with age ?



Marking: straight? Extention?

Straight - on each end of the rail w/i 12". Extention - butt end only of BED ladder.
**Unit designation 18" of butt end


Climbing angles 65-75 provides max strength & best service. Angle steeper then 75 ?

Falling off. Less then 65 reduction in loading


Placement: window ? Roof ? Alongside f/e on bld wall ? Against f/e?

Window: level with sill
Roof: at least 2' above roof or parapet.
Alongside f/e: 1' to 3' above f/e railing.
Placed against f/e: slightly above railing.


Butting member places foot where ?

Left foot center of bottom rung. Right foot BEHIND him. Both hands grasp beams.


Aluminum portable ladder if left unattended should be secured at tip by ?

First member that climbs it.


The leg lock: if member is working to her right to vent a window - lick which leg where ?

Left leg - two rungs above the one which the member is standing. In step of locking leg is placed on the beam of ladder opposite the members working side. Butt man repositions foot to opposite side member is working.


Ladder lock assembly will work fly up or the fly down position. The NYFD has adopted __ position for placement of extension ladders ?

Fly up


Ladder load capacity: collapsible ? Roof, straight & extension 26' or less ? Extension 27' or more ?

Collapsible - up to 300. 26' or less up to 500. 27' or more 600.


16' extension nested ?



Brownstones: Laddering the rear. In most cases taking ladder through __ & passing it rear window is faster than using fire building?

Through 2nd floor(parlor) of adjoining bld is faster then fire bld. ***Rowframe transporting through interior of bld is less complicated because of front/rear doors or windows at ground level


In Brownstones take portable ladder with the __ facing the rear of building ?



Brownstones: extensions recommended 4th floor __' 3rd __' 2nd __' ?

4th - 35'. 3rd - 25' or 35'. 2nd - 16' or 25' extension -- 10' or 14' A


Venting lexan windows: 1. ?

1. Remove exterior screen. 2. Place butt on Lexan window in corner adjacent to window frame 3. 3 or 4 members apply gradual pressure until window forced inward 4. If section of window snaps off, continue forcing around window


Venting window with member on ladder - preferable tool?

6' hook preferable. Place ladder upwind. Tip of ladder if possible should be level with or higher than the top of window. Eye shields down.


Do not climb portable higher than 3rd rung from the top ? T or F



A wood ladder can be placed against a metal superstructure?

NEVER place ANY ladder wood or metal against what appears to be metal superstructure.


Visual inspection of portable ladder ?

Weekly & after use. Pulleys ball bearing 1 to 2 drops of oil a year. Plain candle wax or paraffin shall be applied every 3 months to contacting surfaces.


According to new Ladders 1 - which ladders can reach 2nd floor of brownstone?

24' extension or 14' A


NEW: FDNY adopted for extention ladders fly __ position?

Fly Out


FF Hayes placed portable to roof - it was 3' above parapet ?

True . At least 2'