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Two types of disciplinary procedures?

1st is informal & non-judicial
2nd is formal & judicial


There are no merit deductions on promotional exams excepting non-judicial proceedings nor published on D.O. Non-judicial discipline be expunged from member's record __ after acceptance of penalty?

One year after. Unless member has any subsequent informal or formal proceedings.


Misconduct substantiated or admitted beginning with instruction & reprimand, progressing to command discipline...

-suspension of OT
-loss of VL
-forfeiture of up to 7 days pay
**finally formal judicial hearings OATH-10 days pay for each offense or dismissal from force


__ point penalty is max that can be imposed under command discipline for a single incident, even though it may involve the violation of more than one regulation or policy?

7 points max


Loss of vacation?

1 pt per day. 7 days max.



1 month for each 2 points. Max 3 months.


Loss of pay?

1 day for each point - max 7 days


Suspension of OT?

1 point for 9x, 2 point 6x