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General description:

-2 to 5 stories
-20' x 30' wide/ 40' x 60' depth
-built in rows -- as many as 20 or more buildings


Room arrangement:

One type - Brownstone layout. 3 front windows per floor - one apt front to rear. No rear f/e.
Other type - railroad flat. Two apt per floor. 4 window front w/ rear f/e.
**balloon or braced frame**


Rowframe salient feature common to all?

Salient feature -- common cockloft.


Cockloft size?

1' to tall enough for a man to stand in.


Major defects or faults in the construction ?

Lack of fire stopping & vast quantity of combustible material.


When a serious fire burns out ___ there is a danger of collapse especially in corner buildings?

Serious fire burns out entire first floor


Light fire situation?

Operation of one handline and/or extinguishers w/ o resorting to extinguishing agents. Medium: operation of two lines


Functional supervision?



Immediate ?

Search/hoseline; sight/hearing


Brownstone type rowframe: three window front. LCC?

Raise aerial to roof - WAIT for size up. Roof needs LSR rescue Lcc to roof; No need for rescue TOP fl VEIS.


OLT type rowframe: 4 window front. LCC?

Raise aerial to roof. Dont wait - VEIS fire apt.


OV top floor fire - tools ?

Saw & halligan; no hook. When possible descend f/e. When unable, notify officer. When directed by officer - vent fire apt from roof level & then assist roof with roof vent...


OVM: rear rescue needed. Impractical to get portable to rear. OV makes decision to stay in rear or proceed to roof to assist w/ LSR. This decision based on?



Roofman: brings halligan, hook, lsr. How does he get to roof?

1. Aerial 2. 2nd aerial 3. Adj bld -- immediate adjoining should not be used***


Top floor fire brownstone type rowframe -- 2nd ladder?

Inside team most severely threatened exposure.


Top floor fire Brownstone type rowframe?

Consider 2 - 6' hooks in lieu of can


Top floor fire OLT type rowframe - 2nd ladder?

VEIS adjoining apt top floor including cockloft


TL first to arrive?

OV in basket waits for completion of roof size up. Then repositions to fire floor then top floor.


Brownstone type: 1st due aerial - wait then top floor VEIS. TL - wait then fire floor then top floor



OLT type: aerial DONT wait. VEIS fire floor. TL: wait then fire floor.



Engine Ops

Eng ops


All interior hoselines stretched will be considered ?

1 3/4"


Cellar fire: 1st line?

Thru front door then to cellar via interior stairs.*If this hoseline cannot be advanced down protect public hall, int stairs & 1st floor. **can be advanced to top floor after cellar fire controlled by 2nd line


Cellar fire: 2nd line ?

B/u 1st line. If 1st line advanced into cellar & b/u not needed can advance to top floor after fire in cellar is controlled. **If if 1st line covers 1st floor & b/u not needed - 2nd line stretched via outside cellar entrance.


First floor fire - 1st line & 2nd line?

Stretched to location of fire. 2nd line - b/u 1st line - if not needed to b/u 1st, go to floor above


Rowframe: fully involved & fire in exposures. 1st eng drops 3 1/2" & HL. 1st line?

1st line into fire bld. 2nd line b/u - if not needed to b/u to top floor of MOST severe exposure. 3rd line - if 2nd b/u 1st then to top floor of MOST serious exposure - if not to top floor of opposite exposure


Vacant bld in row of occupied - 1st line? 1st engine drops two hoselines -3 1/2" & a hoseline.

1st line into most severe exposure


Vacant bld in row of occupied. 2nd line?

If 2nd line not needed to b/u 1st line fire bld or opposite exposure. 3rd line - fire bld or opposite exposure depends on where 2nd line was stretched.


Vacant bld(s) in a row. First engine 3 1/2" & handline. 1st line?

1st line initially operate from the exterior until TL, multiversal or heavy caliber can be placed into operation. Then 1st line into MOST SEVERE exposure.


2nd line: vacant bld in a row?

If 2nd line not needed to b/u 1st line, stretched to opposite exposure or through exposure to rear yard.


2nd due LCC (Aerial) top floor fire no longer needed in the front ?

Exposure directed by officer. Olt & brownstone type


Top floor fire. 2nd due roof. Returns __ from fire should be __ ?

Remote, avoided. Could spread fire


OV top floor fire. 2nd due?

Operate from f/e as per Ladders 3.


When 1st due is TL the 2nd due LCC does not have to report to pedestal they may be assigned to ?

1. Exposures 2. Assist with roof ops 3. Be available to team up


Construction type ?

Balloon or braced frame



1' to tall enough for a man to stand in