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Fire officers will be required to log onto RBIS?

At the start of every 9x6 *regardless if the unit has bisp. Rbis will schedule inspections on BI & Non-BI days


Buildings in RBIS must be done in order high to liw?

False. You can do blds 'one high & one low in close proximity in the interest of using time more efficiently'.


Adding bld to RBIS:

Can be done in pre or post inspection tab


Officer enters inspection info into wrong bld & saves it. What should he do?

Enter info into correct bld. Then re-open bld with incorrect data & mark it incomplete - also record a note that data entered needs to be updated


Bld cannot be located or demolished?

"Bld not found"


RBIS: vacant bld?

-request status change to 'vacant'
-bc must approve s.c.
-bld will no longer scheduled
**officers finding vacant in admin area shall file ECIDS & either A-8 or high priority referral rpt


When the user requests status change for "Vacant", the system will check for open Vacate orders when 'save' is clicked.

If any are 'Open' vacates status cannot be changed


No access?

2 attempts. Record as "no access". Rbis will not reschedule again for 6 months from initial NO access


School does not occupy entire bld - inspect?

Entire bld including school


FP inspects schools, after feb 1st an assessment is made. If req'd fire operations may be requested to assist in completion of public schools. This will appear in pre-inspection between Feb-March. When must fire unit complete these inspections?

By end of school year


School familiarization how often?

Every 2 years. If fire unit inspects this will satisfy the two year drill requirement & reset the clock. **a DRILL cannot satisfy an inspection requirement


Familiarization drills are to be conducted when?

Not during BISP; mud or co drill. If unit unable to enter school shall document in Rbis "exterior drill conducted"


Private schools, charters, colleges, univ inspected?

Every year unless charter school is housed in public school


Fireworks: chief & co officers frequent inspections of bld or occupancies excluding?

Living quarters.


10-35: it shall be unlawful to transmit __ or more unnecessary or unwarranted alarms in a __ month period?

2 or more; in 3 month period