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EEO complaint can be filed directly with EEO officer. EEO officer can be contacted in following ways?

-directly in person at FD headquarters by appointment(member must receive permission to leave the job site)
-anonymously to EEO officer stating as many details as possible
-indirectly w/assistance of EEO liason
-by mail submitting complaint form
With following agencies:
***City of NY human rights committee
***NYS division of Human rights
***EEO commission
***Dept of labor
---Complaint is SEXUAL harassment -- option to file directly with BITS.


Complaint must be filed with EEO within ?

1 year from date of alleged discrimination or harassment


Upon notification to Officer by a member of an incident, the Officer shall inform the member?

Of available filing options


Routine notifications to EEO?

Telephone mon-fri 0800-1800; email
**incidents effect ops during office hours telephone; non office hours FDOC


Who makes final decision regarding complaint?