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What color is steam?

Invisible; white mist when steam cools


Pressure/temperatures ?

Generating plants can be as high as 2,000 psi with temps reaching 900 degrees. Buried supply lines 170psi; 350 degrees


Con ed refers to steam pipe rupture as a HELB - high energy line break?



When can you enter con ed generating plant?

Must have con ed personnel with you; respond to mustering site


If a vent pipe has a __ stripe on the __ of it, this indicates the steam is the result of a water leak, not a leaking steam main?

Blue stripe on top of it


In an emergency, members may shut __ ?

Inside service valve. If possible wait for Con Ed to shut. **once shut do not reopen it. ***bld shut off outside the bld- do not attempt to shut this valve -- con ed only.


Transmit signal for ruptured steam main?

10-80 with appropriate code.