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HP pumping Discharge pressures over __ psi ?

Over 250psi. All engines capable. Unless emergency condition exists & ordered by IC conventional eng should not operate exceeding 250psi


Whenever possible an engine supplying high pressure to fd connection should be positioned within __length. ?

1 length, no more than 2.


Safety zone ?

50' around working engine in all directions. If 2L are used safety zone must be expanded.


Supply lines must be secured by __?

Tether. Secured to both the engine & bld fd connection. When more then 1L used must be tethered & secured to each other by tether gated hook. No tether use utility rope


Standpipes should be supplied by two engines. When only one bld siamese connection is available, stretch the second supply line ?

To first floor outlet. Do not connect two hp lines to a single bld siamese


3rd stage: who can order its use ?

IC at rank of BC or higher. Pressures exceeding 600psi