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Two times Ladder Co enters the block first ?

1. Fire building at the end of narrow dead end road. 2. Winter operations - fire building is more then 3 stories -- based on height of building not fire floor


Who can use standpipe occupant hose ?

Rescue & ladder co operating remotely from eng co


Colors of backdraft: dense black smoke indicates lack of oxygen & large quantities of free carbon. Other colors associated are ?

Dirty brown, yellow brown & gray yellow


If MST was used to extinguish the fire, an effective broken stream can be produced for venting purposes by removing tip & partially shutting down the control handle. Stream directed out selected window w/ nozzle held __' back from the window?

4' to 5' back


Can be delegated to nozzle team by engine officer ?

DECALS: Direction of stream(NOT initial direction), Emergency opening nozzle, Controling line(partial shut down)Advancement(rate of), Line(calling for more line), Sweep floors


Method to advance hoseline where heat conditions require a very low approach to fire area ?



Tactic useful where rubble or debris which cannot be swept w/ the stream may cause injury or difficulty to the nozzle team. In housing projects or office blds w/concrete floors __ keeps scalding water from absorbing into bunker pants & burning knees ?

Duck walking


Integrity of floor in doubt ?

Leg FWD(outstretched leg) ***Recommended for Commercial occupancies***


Stream should not be operated directly overhead. There are emergency situations?

Fire lights up overhead. Fire rolls overhead or from behind.


Hydrant discs: shall be marked in black with company number & disc number on one side of each disc ? T or F



White disc?

Available in 2 sizes 2 1/2" & 4 1/2". For unserviceable hydrants & 3" siamese


Yellow disc ?

2 sizes. Frozen hydrants.


Blue disc?

3" siamese of auxiliary fire protection system to indicate a system is not functioning as fully automatic system and/or a portion of the system is such that it will operate effectively when supplied.


Red aircock hydrants are excellent source of water ?

True, 30" or greater mains. Red satellite water sys hydrants should be avoided.


The rule of thumb is that a 5 story stretch up a well-hole requires about __ length(s) of hose ?

One length


F/E stretch: line must be secured w/hose straps on alternate floors, beginning where ?

On floor below fire


Stretching line via utility rope. At the lower floor window, lower the __ sash & ensure it stays open ?

Top sash 'lower top'. *window deploying rope raise the lower sash.


FDNY units shall never stretch occupant hose from a standpipe system ?

Rescue & Ladders companies operating remotely from engine co while performing searches, may be justified to save lives.


Colors: standpipe? Sprinkler? Aluminum? Yellow?

Red - standpipe. Green - sprinkler. Aluminum - non auto sprinkler or perforated pipe. Yellow - combo


Supplying a sprinkler system start at __ psi ?



LCS aka master stream is any fire stream w/ a flow of __ gpm or more ?

300 gpm or more


Can akron NYer be supplied by 2 1/2" hose ?

Yes but upper end flows will not be attainable.


Most flexible LCS used by FDNY ?

Akron TL basket based monitor.


How much PSI for Akron TL badket based monitor ?

200 to 250 psi


Water loss: kinks are easiest problem to correct. Proper stretching & positioning of hose line will greatly reduce the occurrence of kinks - t or f ?



Eng officer calls for more pressure & ecc responds that sufficient pressure being supplied but reduction in flow on flowmeter is indication of ?

Kinks. Sufficient pressure - reduction in flow. ***Do not correct by increasing pressure.


Eng officer must initiate action to correct the problem of kinks. This shall include dispatching CTL to find & correct problem. Should also be addressed by 2nd due eng officer. When corrected notify ?

When problem corrected notify IC, all units on fire floor & floor above.


Engine Officer rpts there is little or no water & ECC sees an adequate pressure reading & increased flow w/ rpms increasing automatically?

Burst length.


Short stretch, burst length, kinks all require what HT transmission ?



Short stretch: when adding line to the BACK of the stretch may be impractical where MORE then __ lengths of hose was originally deployed ?

MORE then 4 lengths


Short stretch: fire in NFP MD w/o a well sufficient hose may be found by raising the already charged hose line over ?

The Newel post onto the railing.


Short stretch: adding to front of line for a 1 3/4" or 2 1/2". Remove tip. Which size line needs fitting to attach ?

2 1/2" add 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" increaser. Its found in standpipe kit attached to nozzle.


When do you use a hydrant plug?

If threads are damaged or no 2 1/2 cap


Hose on apparatus is removed and cleaned in spring and fall. The age of the hose is determined by what 2 numbers. Ex 030405

The 1st 2 numbers. Which are 03. That means this hose needs to be replaced in 2013. Any hose tact will reach 10 yrs in the current calendar yr is to be taken oos


Hi pressure eng co with 3 in _ couplings which are heavier have a max pressure of _ psi?

600 psi


1 or 2 story structures where amount if hose required is 4 lengths of less the 2nd eng co makes contact with 1st eng if their assistance is required. T or f



Can you connect 2 high pressure supply lines to a single building Siamese connection ?

No. When there's only 1 building Siamese connection available, stretch the 2nd supply line to the 1st fl outlet


In a hrmd The pump discharge pressure for each line is 100 psi plus 5 psi for each fl above grade. So a 23 story building with fire on the 19th fl requires how much psi?

190 psi