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Level A ? B ? C ?

A = groups 1, 2, 3 will start tour w/at least 5 FF. B = Gr 1 & 3 C = All units in Gr 1 start tour w/5 FF


In __ or __ story structures where the amount of hose required is __ lengths or less - Officer of 2nd Engine should contact 1st to ascertain if assistance is required ?

1 or 2 sty, 4L or less


Each FF gets 96 hours RSOT except ?

Proby FF in their first 6 months & FF on final leave.


RSOT mutuals permitted if exchange within 30 days ? T o F



Training: detail arrive before __ & must leave from quarters no later then __ ?

Before 915/1815. Leave no later then 915/1815.


Rescue staffing start of tour ?

At least 4 RTF. 3 RTF during the tour.


Detailing - within __ Walking is considered ?

Within one mile or approx 20 blocks. Member w/badge & carrying bunker gear free public transportation


Ladder, Rescue, SQUAD responding w/4 FF shall state ?

We are responding w/ 4 FF


Less then 4 FF ?



An single engine co is understaffed. There are 3 trucks in the area not housed in the same fire house. A TL, Rear mount & a Tiller. Who would supply their fifth FF first ?

Rear mount before Tiller or TL.


Eng Co staffed with 4 FF shall respond using '10-14'. Ladder Co w/4 FF shall transmit to dispatcher ?

Ladder Co: "We are responding with 4 FF"


Companies responding with LESS then 4 FF shall transmit to dispatcher ?

"We are responding understaffed" & state # of FF's responding.


Units staffed w/ an officer & minimum of 2 FF while awaiting ordered detail(s), shall respond to all alarms ? T or F

True. Take a defensive position if ONLY company on scene. Known life hazard is found & immediate action could prevent loss of life - rescue activity may be taken by individual member.


Ladder Co when 1st to arrive generally operate w/o OVM. Officer notifies ?

IC & 2nd ladder


1st ladder co on scene has 4 FF. 2nd has 5 FF. 1st riding w/o OVM ?

If possible the officer assigns a member of inside team after F/E. 2nd OVM performs 1st OVM duties. 2nd roof or member designated by co officer shall perform 2nd OVM duties.


1st ladder 4 FF riding w/o OVM, 2nd ladder 4 FF. Who does 1st OVM duties ?

If possible officer assigns a member of inside team after F/E. 2nd due roof or member designated by co officer performs 1st due OVM duties.


1st ladder 5 FF, 2nd 4 FF riding w/o OVM. Who performs 2nd OVM duties ?

2nd due Roof or member designated by Officer.


FF detailed within battalion. Does his company drop him off or does company being detailed to pick him up?

He gets picked up


You are LT in E79 working 9x & are scheduled for training at Randalls Island. You are expecting a detail from from E80. What do you do?

Notify Battalion