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A quick determination as to whether a structure is balloon frame is to ?

Remove baseboard on an exterior wall & check for the presence of a sole plate. **If no sole plate is found treat the bld as balloon construction.


Member enters room from a window, makes a quick check/sweep of the floor in the hall outside the door for victims before closing the door. When search of the room has been completed, the door shall be kept closed until main body of fire has been ?



Who ensure roof ventilation at a flat roof PD?

2nd ladder


Shut down utilities PD?

2nd truck


1st due roof - peaked roof PD. Quick survey around perimeter for occupants in need of immediate rescue. No visible life hazard - perform VEIS ?

On a upper floor that is most likely occupied


Prior to using TL or Aerial the roof/ov team shall ?

Conduct a quick survey around the perimeter to ensure there are no occupants in need of immediate rescue in rear/sides


Roof access peaked roof PD ?

TL, Aerial, Portable


Preferred position of TL?

Parallel to the front of the building. If not place basket to the "valley".


Aerial extend ladder at least __ above and to one side of the peak?



Opening a peaked roof ?

First hole made at main gable. Power saw may be used from TL basket.


Cutting roof with an axe. Working from a position straddling the peak, cut a hole over the fire, parallel to & on the LEE side of ridge. Generally about __x__?

2'x3. 6' hook should be brought to push down ceiling. 10' queen anne


1st roof tools flat roof PD?

Halligan, axe, LSR


Roof man uses attached exposure for interior access to roof depends on what?

Type of building construction. Attached wood frame type pds the immediate adjoining bld should not be used. Attached ordinary brick w/firewalls can be used


Two family dwellings: roof/OV team. Cellar fire?

Perimeter for anyone needing immediate rescue. No visible life VEIS first floor


Cellar fire: no hoseline immediately available & conditions permit Ladder co descends down stairs. All members go down?

F. One member remains at top of cellar stairs to control door.


First ladder proceeds to cellar via secondary entrance who do they notify the status of the interior door at the top of the stairs ?

2nd ladder & IC


Attic fire: open up a __' section on the ceiling on the floor below. If wood is encountered when making initial opening you may have encountered a catwalk. Shift __' to ine side & make another opening. Bent tip and/or cockloft nozzle may also be effective.

3' & 3'